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How to write on your blog every day

Somebody asked me the other day “How often do you blog?”

I said “Every day.” Insert their surprised look.

“Wow, you blog every day! How can you possibly do that? Don’t you run out of ideas?”

Did I tell you my blog turns 12 years old soon? That means I’ve done a…

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Hi there! So you’ve been thinking about starting a WordPress Lifestyle Blog?

Well today I am going to show you how to do that in 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your way to creating that dream blog in a matter of minutes!
There are THREE easy Steps:

Blogging in 2017

This post is a little different today compared to my usual pretty interior images! But I used to write about blogging a few years ago and do talks and I even taught some classes for a while. Then the market got saturated with “how to blog” blogs and I stepped…

30 Blog Topic Ideas

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Hi there! If you’re like me and sometimes you get stuck for ideas on what to blog about, then today I thought I’d wrack my brain and give you some prompts…

I went back over some of my old posts, looked at other blogs and flicked…