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The Block 2017: Guest Bedroom Reveal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. It was Guest Bedroom week this week on The Block and the contestants delivered some great rooms! I was surprised some of them bothered to add bathrooms and walk-in-robes?? Where were they grabbing…

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A black bed

I’ve got quite a thing for black at the moment. 4 years ago I banished it all from my home and went white/timber/colour…. But the black is sneaking back in! If you like black too, but don’t want too much of…


8 tween girls bedroom ideas

Even though I don’t have girls I still love looking at tween girls bedrooms. They are so pretty! I am used to boys, lots of blue and masculine touches, but it’s fun to see what the trends are when it comes…

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5 DIY bedhead ideas

Hi there! Today I went searching for some easy DIY bedhead projects for you. Gone are the days of expensive bed frames… Now we are happy with an ensemble and a bedhead to bring the room to life. I’ve got…