Burn my dressing gown?

I have always been fond of a dressing gown. Specifically the animal print polar fleece one I bought from Kmart a couple of years ago. It’s become a ‘staple’ clothing piece and I wear it allllllll the time.

I wear it as soon as I get out of bed, I wear it over the top of my clothes when I am cold, I wear it in the evenings. Occasionally I wear it in the car. It does get a break though when it’s 40 degrees 😉

My husband isn’t usually one to comment on much. He’s just always happy, goes with the flow and doesn’t notice things… But the oddest thing came out of his mouth last week…

Can you please stop wearing that bloody dressing gown?” I burst out laughing. I was like NOOOO! I love this dressing gown. I said “you’re hilarious” and then I didn’t think of again.

A few days later he said it again when he got home from work… “good to see you still have that dressing gown on…” Again I laughed.

This morning I was hunting around our bedroom in the dark for it. He says “yep, looking for that ugly dressing gown. Can we please have a dressing gown burning ceremony? That would be fun.

I laughed and laughed again. A burning ceremony??? I asked why is this dressing gown such a big deal suddenly?

He said, “well you’ve worn that almost non-stop for the last 2 years and I barely see you in anything else. You’ve been sick a lot lately, and you wear it so much. I reckon ditch it.

I stopped…. hmmmmm maybe he has a point? I know what he was trying to say. He sees the dressing gown as me being unwell. And while I am unwell a fair bit, I am also good a lot of the time too.

Right, so it looks like I’ll replace the dressing gown with a new fresh one. A new pattern and something different. I can’t NOT have a dressing gown!

So this conversation made me think… Are there things you could ditch which might have bad energy associated with them? I am starting with this bloody dressing gown 😉

Maybe you need to get something fresh too? Like new joggers, a new haircut, new slippers? Something where you can say out with the old, in with the new.

Life hey?

♥ KC.


  • Alison

    Katrina, I loved this post. You have reminded me of an old Comedy Company sketch about the old fluffy dressing gown being the best contraceptive known to man. Most of us have one of these ‘passion killers’ tucked somewhere in the house. Like you, I love mine and it hangs forlornly waiting for winter to come again. I do hope you are feeling a bit better.

  • Melissa Judd

    Remember there was a time you never owned one until I introduced you to the almighty dressing gown!!!!!

  • Kelly McClure

    I totally understand where your coming from, have you thought of a warm cardigan that’s thick and warm? So it’s stylish but snuggly.
    I picked up one from Roxy years ago in black and I use it as a dressing gown. It’s hard to give up something that brings us comfort.
    Looking forward to seeing the results!!

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