I bought some ekoWorx (Koh) and here’s what I think…

My Facebook is always swamped with ads and promos for this ekoWorx cleaning product. I am a sucker for stuff like this, and it was 40% off a pack just before Christmas so I thought I’ll buy some and see what all the fuss is about.

I paid for these goodies, not sponsored and this is my honest opinion…

So you get 3 main items in the pack – the solution which you pour directly in to the spray bottle, microfiber cloths and a diamond sponge (which is like a sandpaper block). I watched some of their YouTube videos so I knew how to use them all properly.

The main reason people seem to buy this product is for windows, shower screens and ovens. Am I right?

I got to work instantly on a window. I sprayed directly on the window and used a dry cloth as per their instructions. BAM. Cleanest window I’ve ever seen! I then got excited and started on some mirrors. Again, AWESOME.

The next day I decided to tackle the shower. NOTE – the videos say you must have a dry shower to start with, and you must be realistic with this product – if you have baked on, built up over time calcium scum, then it’s probably not going to instantly transform the shower screen to brand new. Also, I don’t actually have shower screens, just tiles, but still the same difficulties as everyone else with shower scum. I was a bit funny about the dry shower thingy. It was weird because I am used to jiff and spray bottles and wet sponges. Anyhoo, I sprayed some areas with the ekoWorx and used the diamond sponge to scrub…. The jury is still out on this. I felt the sponge was a little abrasive and I had to be careful. I also felt that I was using a fair bit of product because the shower was dry and was a big area. It definitely did clean the tiles, but I wasn’t blown away.

Next I went to the inside of my oven door. It was grotty. I actually wiped it with a wet sponge to start with to remove a lot of the residue. Yucky. Then proceeded with the diamond sponge and spray and yes it came up a treat!

I then moved on to stainless steel (specifically my cook-top), and nope, I didn’t like it. It was streaky and no good.


  • A big yes for windows, mirrors and even pool glass.
  • I would say that I still need a wet sponge and harsher product for my shower here and there.
  • ekoWorx is most definitely a maintenance product (just my opinion). I think that once you get those showers and oven clean, you will then love using the ekoWorx to keep on top of your cleaning.
  • I won’t use for toilet cleaning (because dry cloth!).
  • The product has no smell at all. So sometimes I still want a bit of something on my kitchen bench-tops (add essential oils though). Plus, a dry cloth on kitchen counters sometimes just doesn’t seem right.
  • I have not tried it on my floors yet because I didn’t buy the mop. Maybe I will give that a go? Have you mopped?
  • I still think a little bit of baby oil on stainless steel is the best cleaning hack you’ll ever try.
  • It’s great for spot cleaning like marks on your walls, powerpoints or door handles.

That’s what I think! I’d love to hear what your opinion is?

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♥ KC.

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  • Kellie-Jo says:

    I was interested to see your feedback and I’m the same. Oven… yaasssss!!!!! General windows fabulous but yes it’s not a miracle worker on shower screens if there is calcium. I have herringbone White shower tiles and I think I still need some kind of bleach or something. Cleans the soap grime but not so much the grout and really need to scrub. The grout scrubber seems good but I think I want something more instant from instant spray instead of maintenance scrubbing (if that makes sense ?).

    • Mary says:

      I use Stardrops White vinegar spray for scum and limescale (what we call calcium deposits in the UK) it works as a good back up to the KoH.

    • Marg says:

      I read the instructions, watched the video. Useless in the shower! Didn’t think much of it in the oven….no it wasn’t filthy, but still didn’t clean well. Certainly wouldn’t buy again.

  • Jenny Langmaid says:

    Thanks Katrina for this review. Yes my FB feed is filled with this and another ad (the later I bought something from on FB and my bank account was hacked with purchases I didn’t approve) so a bit nervous now about buying through FB link. I guess I could go direct to their site. The shower screens would appeal to me as we have moved to an old 1913 house in original state and the shower areas have glass and steel around the rim which looks rotten so I wonder whether it would have the same effect on that steel? I also have carpet everywhere except four bathrooms so not sure there would be benefit in buying that yet. I might have to use all my cleaning products up first before investing – would be great if they did a sample product pack in a smaller scale .

  • Jenny Langmaid says:

    Also Katrina you seem to have a prizes world ? red flashing box at the bottom of your page – I haven’t noticed this before. I tend to steer clear of any blogs or pages that have these as spam mail seems to follow?

    • Katrina says:

      I think it’s most likely a google ad – which is specific to your own search history or pages you’ve been viewing on your computer. Hope that makes sense!

  • Sum says:

    Enjo all the way – that’s all I can say. Best product ever and my shower and oven, often the dirtiest places in the house, have never ever been cleaner in all their lives.

  • Vos Tockian says:

    It is great for removing greasy residue. Top of the range hood or greasy splashback. Actually removes the filth that builds up ontop of the upper cupboards with ease! I was gobsmacked. I also sometimes use it on the frypan and also on plastic tupperware that has a greasy film even after I have washed it. It is also quite good for cleaning walls and ceiling – I used it in combo with the enjo mop on the ceiling and it worked so much better than all my previous attempts.

  • Juno says:

    Thank you for genuine and honest review Katrina. I was thinking to buy it as it kept comes up as FB ads but I might stick with what I use. Napisan has been cleaned oven and any steel material like a charm to me but I’m interested in to try baby oil on stainless steels. 🙂

  • Susanne Ingvorsen says:

    Hi Katrina,
    Thank you for the review, I havent tried it yet but think I will stick to what I already use. I had to write to you because I’ve been in the cleaning industry for about 36 years. All the ” nice smelly stuff” is unfortunately not healthy unless you for example use the dolphin marked or other eco friendly stuff. I have developed an allergy to many diff cleaning products, simply by using them for years. Especially bleach, which are used in many products. To day I only use microfiber cloths and mops, and of cleaning products i use vinegar, eco toilet cleaner, eco dishwashing liquid( which i use for cleaning the rangehood and oven, as well as gumption. I use it for cleaning floors, tiles, shower screens, Windows, mirrors, stainless steel and as fabric softener.

  • Nedra Maddeford says:

    Hi there, I too bought ekoWorx. I mainly bought it to clean my ceramic tile floors, I have tried everything to get them clean apart from buying a scubbing machine. I am happy with the result, spray the stuff on, use my grout brush and it comes up a treat the pitfall is you have to have heaps of microfiber cloths as you have to have dry clothes to wipe it off, never the less I do small sections at a time, its hard work but worth it. Good also for mirrors and glass, also carpet stains. Some things I tried it on were not so successful, so not for everything.

  • Jodi says:

    I am not a fan. It’s hasnt worked on very much at all. I have tried getting pen off a chair, pencil off laminex. Dirty foot mark off dried bath and even tried cleaning the bath, it didn’t work.
    I will try shower, screen and glass but they are brand new so shouldn’t be too dirty anyway I just need to wait til they are dry. I have other products that are much better and less expensive. Don’t believe the hype.

  • Jan says:

    This product is the most useless cleaning aid I have ever used – I would not recommend it at all.

  • Robyn says:

    Thank you for your review Katrina… I have just purchased the cloths, liquid, and mop..
    I hate cleaning, so this was a bit of an adventure for me..
    The inside of the oven door…looks like new.. and took 2 mins…
    the shower screens, are old and have the glass cancer… but the scum came off easily and also off the tiles..love the mirrors..
    Love the mop… we have a large tiled floor, but the tiles have already a mottled pattern,. So don’t look dirty very quickly..however the mop is so easy to use and the floors dry quickly. I am sure they are cleaner! The cloths clean easily too so they can be reused.
    The hardest thing is not to wet the areas or the cloths… I have to stop myself reaching for the tap.

  • Tash says:

    I have both enjo and ekoworkx. I think ekoworkx is better and certainly a much more reasonable price. I agree the shower scum is still difficult as is the grout. But enjo is no better in that regards.

  • Nicole says:

    I have been using Ekoworx/Koh since the start of the year. It’s a great surface spray. I find I still use ‘bleach’ products for our toilets/shower.
    With the oven I let the spray sit for a bit and use the diamond scrubbing pad to gently move the grime away. Then I go over with the cloth.

  • lorraine says:

    Have not yet tried Eko, sounds too expensive for what you get. The diamond scrubbing pads are available super cheap on Ebay and Geek/Wish, and are undoubtedly the best scourers I have ever used

    • Lana says:

      Hi. Just wondered what the diamond scrubbing pads are and what you search for on eBay? Are they just scourers? Thanks

      • Katrina says:

        Just search for diamond sponge on ebay 🙂

  • Robyn says:

    Has anyone used this on leather lounges, I’m not sure weather to give it a try wondering if it may effect the leather in the long term

    • Sandra says:

      Yes. I have a light cream leather suite, Natuzzi brand, about 14 years old and in excellent condition. I successfully removed yellow highlighter pen from the armrest and use it to keep the entire suite clean. There has been no damage to the leather and no residue left behind. The colour from the cloth doesn’t transfer to the leather either.

      I also use the floor mop but wouldn’t recommend adding any essential oils to the Koh liquid – for a nice smell – as it can leave an oily residue on the tiles.

  • SCG says:

    Hi, I bought the package with the Koh liquid, cloths, diamond sponge, and the floor mop. Mainly because the cleaner at our holiday house said it is fantastic. I have now used it on my kitchen sink (white ceramic) – not impressed, still had to use Jif. Then I used it on the long mirror in my bedroom, and on the mirror in my bathroom. My mirrors weren’t dirty, just a little dusty. Took me a lot of rubbing and wiping to bring them up to beautiful, yet prior to cleaning, they didn’t look like they needed cleaning. Definitely not impressed when compared to Norwex cloths. I have been using Norwex cloths for several years now. I think they are a far superior product, and use NO chemicals, cleaning agents, anything, except the cloth and water. In the shower there is a blue waffle weave kind of cloth – it’s brilliant. For the mirror a wipe over with a damp general cleaning Norwex cloth, then a wipe dry with the window mirror cloth, all up a few seconds, and just the same result as for the Koh cleaning liquid and cloth, which took several minutes. Unfortunately I spent all of about five minutes cleaning the inside and outside of big glass sliding doors leading to our back patio on the weekend, before the Koh arrived. Again, damp Norwex cloth, and then wipe-over with the mirror/glass cloth – no sprays, chemicals, etc, just water. Just a few minutes, and prior to the clean, it was quite dirty with children’s and adult’s hand marks, and pet noses, etc. I will try the Koh on our back verandah where we have glass ‘fencing’ as it’s quite bad, but I am not expecting a miracle like the ads have said. I think I might be asking for my money back.

  • Yvonne McQueen says:

    I live in the UK and saw the ad on FB. Delivery was speedy but I am not happy with the design of the packaging. The cleaner itself comes in a large plastic bag with a tap on it. Without any instructions, I rang the customer support people who were very good. They told me that the large bag with product had to go inside the original delivery box, a perforated bit on the side to be cut out and the bag tap to go through there. This seemed a bit archaic to me, and I managed to spill a fair bit of the fluid whilst doing this! The guy to whom I spoke said that they were looking again at design, but it means I have this “wine box” like box in my kitchen and nowhere to store it! The cleaning product is good – I’ve used it on fairly clean shower screens and it’s excellent for removing limescale around kitchen/bathroom taps. It’s good that it’s free of nasties, and I like most things Australian anyway. So good product, but better if it were stored in bottles rather than the box.

  • Rhian says:

    Love safe, green cleaning products, reasonably priced, that last & work? Norwex all the way!

  • Terri says:

    Hi, I purchased the brush and handle to clean the grout around my large floor tiles and it has done an amazing job. It took me nearly all day, but it has been well worth it as I now just use the spray and a microfibre cloth on my mop to clean the tiles once a week and they look like the day they were laid. I have also found the product great for glass, and wiping down the kitchen after all the cleaning up from dinner has been done – I guess I am using it as a “finisher” to work surfaces, stainless steel cooktop and splash backs, a quick wipe over the stainless steel doors of the fridge and dishwasher, and the effect makes my kitchen sparkle. I use it to clean the bathrooms in a similar way to the kitchen and love it in the laundry which doubles up at night time for my golden retriever’ bedroom. I am yet to tackle the oven and my main concern will be the roof of the oven as none of the demos seem to show how cleaning this part of the oven can be achieved.

  • Anastasia says:

    This product seems very much like sodium bicarbonate, which I’ve used for years.