Blog commenting… which system do you prefer?

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Hi there! It has me wondering… if you read blogs and you think you might comment on one, which system do you prefer to use? Do any turn you off?

Below are the 3 main systems bloggers use.

I was wondering if you’d vote on the one you prefer?

Blog commenting

Which would you prefer?
 Wordpress/Blogspot standard commenting form 
 Facebook commenting box inside blog 
 Disqus 3rd party commenting system 


On my blog you’ll see I have the Facebook commenting system PLUS the standard WordPress section. I’d love to see what YOU like…

Thanks! X


  • Elisha Ross

    Disqus requires you to sign in which is a pain at times, however the bonus is that if the blogger responds to your comment, your email will tell you of this. That's kinda nice for me! I am wanting to know/ wondering from a blogger point of view whether it is annoying, stalking like, or even awesome getting comments from the same people aaaaalll the time. Is there a responding line that you should not cross..hehe…..I love reading a few fav blogs..(including this one) and always can think of a response to your questions and to join in the conversation, and ideas etc..but often will think twice to write it in case its toooo much….Thoughts? Your house is looking great.

  • Kylie P

    My choice is definitely via the comment form and Ive even noticed especially on your blog that when I scroll down to read I kind over over look the facebook comments (apologies to those who have chosen to comment that way)…I just forget that they are comments and head straight to the comments section.

  • Lauren - Big Eejit

    I really like Disqus… then the Blogger/WP. Do not like the Facebook method – sometimes I share things on blogs that I wouldn’t necessarily want all my FB reading and it posts the comment on the wall!

    • Katrina (author)

      You can untick that box lovely 🙂

  • Deanne

    I don’t know why but I can no longer comment on certain blogs, the comments just disappear into cyberspace, I think it must be their blog provider is not compatible with mine or something, it is very frustrating!

  • Anna

    I definitely prefer the comment form. I am similar to Kylie P and scroll past the facebook comments to where the comments submitted by the form are. I have to admit I only read these comments and not the FB ones.

  • Jane

    A good question, Katrina. Like the others, I tend to scroll past the FB comments. I like using IntenseDebate with its Comment Luv plugin. J x

  • Isabel Burton

    obvio its one and only fb, its more effective than all..

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