A black wall in the living room

I painted a wall black. It’s nothing new or ground breaking in the world of design, but I am so happy with how it turned out. For little $$ I feel like I’ve transformed an entire space. People say oh that’s so brave, I don’t think I could do it… but I didn’t hesitate. It’s just paint and we all know paint is the easiest and most affordable way to make over a room. I told my husband I was doing it and he was all for it. He even cut in for me!

I’d been ummmming and ahhhing over black paint colours and even bought a few sample pots.

Black is like white – it can throw different tones! Some have brown, red, blue and charcoal. I just wanted BLACK. I also had this print below to go on the wall (it’s from NORSU)…

I decided on DULUX BLACK. No special tint. It’s the truest black.

I’m rapt! This was not the biggest change in the world, but the dramatic colour was enough to lift this room. It’s at the front of my house and will be the first room you see when you walk in. It’s a living room, but my kids hang in here too to play xBox and PlayStation.

I sit in here too, just to chill or talk on the phone. Bear thinks it’s his room too! He sits on the opposite couch and barks at everyone walking by.

Anyway, a simple change can make a huge difference. I am a big fan of using paint to create a space.

Would you paint a wall black?

♥ KC.


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