Black bathroom hardware

Black bathroom hardware looks like it’s here to stay and has certainly been increasing in popularity. It can really make your bathroom space pop! It feels modern and adds a little bit of drama to a plain space. Black hardware includes taps, towel rails, shower heads, shower frames and even mirrors.

Here are some photos to inspire you…









Tips when choosing black hardware:

  • Do you prefer round or square? Stick with the same throughout the bathroom. This refers to the back plate of a piece. Modern usually works well with square, more traditional pairs with the round.
  • Remember the black is quite modern and isn’t as timeless as the traditional chrome so you will need to think about resale, or the probability of changing them all down the track.
  • The maintenance on black can be a little greater than chrome because water marks will show.
  • Black matte can scratch so be careful of using abrasive cleaning products.
  • Black does go with everything so it will look good with almost every tile.

♥ KC.


  • Sue

    We’ve just replaced all the hardware/tapware in our bathroom with black and love it. We bought our house just over a year ago and the bathroom, whilst fine, was a bit bland & al white. Bringing in some greenery and replacing the tap ware has made it a room I love so much more. We’ve been able to mix & match across brands w the finishes all looking the same. We used Meir (taps), methven (shower head), brodware (bath spout) and Phoenix (towel rails etc).

  • Sonya Daly

    I like the look of the black tapware…but does it go funny in colour after a while ?? Does it go “white” with the minerals or impurities in the water ..or bore water ??

    • Katrina Chambers

      They can fade, and you do have to be careful cleaning them (not with harsh chemicals). Good quality taps will hold up against the minerals, just need to wipe them over often so as to not let them build up.

  • John

    I love how striking and minimalist black tapware is. It is ideal for making a modern bathroom. I love the examples that you have used.

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