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I’ve had a few quiet weeks at home lately. This does make me happy. I would much rather be at home than anywhere else! This has allowed me to get some projects done and work on the computer…

I also started Humira injections for crohn’s disease (this is the 2nd time as I did them in 2010 with horrible side effects). I will say I am very unhappy about taking them and they have given me some side effects which has forced me to stay quiet at home. I won’t go on about it today, but I am undecided as to whether I will continue with the injections – so I will write a blog post about that soon (as I know I have lots of crohn’s followers). The side effects are tough to handle and I have been generally unwell with the flu.

Anyway, in amongst trying to get that under control I have been busy doing the things I love…

I went out with my besties on Friday night. The sensible ones went home at midnight, the one in the middle got home at 4.50am (cough cough) 😉


I took a road trip to Albury on the weekend (minus children!) to see my family. My sister, brother, Nan, Aunty, Mum and Dad all live there. We had a great day. I did the rounds visiting everyone and had a nice lunch out at Cafe Borella’s.


My sister is building a very modern home! I went to see it’s progress (in white shoes haha!)…


Amie’s house is about 5 weeks away from completion. It’s looking good!


She’s painting it black! Lots and lots of black in her new house!



I found a $25 set of oars and I have been sanding and painting a pattern on them. I finally finished them last night so I will take a photo of them today. So happy with them and they look pretty cool.


Aldi is killing it again with the Acapulco chair. This black one found a spot in my home.


My baby got an award. My eldest has also made it to the grand final for AFL. We’re still going with rugby league…


I’ve been catching up on my favourite magazines and have snuck a few little naps in with my buddy Bear beside me. I have also finished watching season 2 of Wentworth. That’s a bloody awesome show! Can’t believe I have to wait an entire year for that to come back again. Speaking of magazines, did you see the new one out yesterday – Homes+? I haven’t got my hands on it yet so I will be on the lookout for it today.


It’s Book Week this week at our school. I have one kid who is ok with dressing up and the other 2 don’t really care for it. Boys!

Well, that’s an update on what’s been going on around here! All ok at your house? Have you watched Wentworth? Got any DIY projects I need to see?


  • Tahlia

    My mum has crohns as well so will be interesting to see your new post about it. I hope your medication works out well and the side effects disappear. Such an awful disease and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.
    My dad and his partners home is in the new home beautiful – one of the finalists. It’s the lounge room with the green walls and white couches and antlers on wall. Check it out!
    Amies house is so modern, I can’t believe how different it is from her old house, but so very exciting for a nice new change – I hope we can see photos of it when it’s done.
    Take care, I love reading your blog x

  • Felicity Bezer

    Hoping you’re feeling much better soon K. Was cross to have missed the Acapulco chairs at Aldi as I was out of action on the weekend – you’ve styled yours beautifully xx

  • Karina Nicotra

    Hope you are ok. Where did you get the & sign from?

  • Yvette Wilson

    Your boys are gorgeous Katrina and had to laugh at your comment about book week, my daughter (grade 6) was very unenthused. Your house is so beautiful and it looks like Amie’s is going to be as well. x

  • Jane Hansen

    I was reading up about the effects of that drug and the possible side effects are quite scary no wonder you’re not a fan of it.

  • somethinggorgeous

    That chair is great, I’ll have to check out our local Aldi. Hope you are feeling better soon. xT

  • Tammy

    Hi Trine, it’s after midnight and I’m lying in bed in the dark trying to catch up on your blog (not enough hours in the day). Luv the oars and Amies house is looking awesome. My girlfriend bought an aldi chair in this gorgeous teal colour for her bedroom and it looks great. Hope your feeling better soon 🙁 we’re getting over the flu and a smorgasbord of viruses here too. Take care and get some rest. Tam xx

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