Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for popping in! Here’s what’s been happening in my world lately…

My handsome and clever boy got the Maths award.


I had a day trip to Melbourne to hang out at the Ford Factory for the day. Lots of cool things happening in 2015!


We’ve been immersed in cricket as usual. He trains every day and played 3 games last weekend!image2

My little kid won his touch football grand final.image4

This rat bag below keeps me on my toes.image5

I could smooch this face until the cows came home!image6

I’ve been quiet on the blog front this week. I’ve had some in real life stuff to do and my little people have needed me. My big boy finished Primary School day. Huge changes coming in our house next year!

I have a couple more blog posts to get out this week – a competition and a makeover, so come back for those. But other than that I am going to be a little quiet on here as I need a break. It’s time to wind down. I’m a little frazzled and burn out to be honest.

I’m always on Instagram though so pop over there. I’ll ramp it all back up in the new year when I’ve had time to re-group.

See you soon! ♥ KC.


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