Around here lately…

School holidays. Need I say more. What a long week that was! My boys don’t go back to school until next Thursday though, so we still have a few days to get through. Lucky they have footy games today and tomorrow to keep them busy!

I’ve done a road trip to Albury with the boys too… My sister has been in labour twice in the last week (33 weeks and then at 34 weeks!). Too early! I’ve been sleeping with one eye open because she lives in Albury and I need to get there for the birth! She’s home from hospital and baby is still snuggling for now. She’s exhausted as you can imagine. A couple more weeks would be good and no more contractions for her. Can you imagine having contractions on and off for 6 more weeks….!


Today I am off to a new land release estate in Wagga called Brunslea Park to host some interior design workshops. If you’re in Wagga come – they are free! 10.15am and 1.30pm.

Here are some snaps from around here lately…


I cleaned all my back windows! What an achievement. This rarely happens around here. 😉


I wrote a blog post about entry styling. Here is mine above.


My two doggies got the BIG shave. Bear will not feature in any photos for the next month haha! He’s like a skinned rat!



My roses are marvelous… This will probably be the last bloom before the big Winter chop.


Netflix and Chill with my boys has been high on the list these holidays.


This fiddle leaf fig is doing my head in. It’s not overly well and I really don’t know where to put it (out in the garage maybe!).


Footy. My big boy was named Captain of his team for the year! He’s in the white head gear. This is league, we play AFL too on Sundays. They keep me busy!


The little dude gets a pep talk – must have worked – he got 2 tries!


My bathroom taps need changing. That’s my next DIY project. For 3 years I’ve put up with these – they are too small!


Kicking, playing, running. EVERY day. Exhausting little kids they are.


The FOOD. Oh my lord the food. 6L of milk went in 40 hours. I counted! I woke up to no milk and no coffee. How do you think my mood was?! Ha!

Ok, gotta run to these interior design workshops.

Hope you have a fab day. ♥ KC.


  • Chrissie Taylor

    Katrina, what are the bathroom products in the silver and brown bottles please?

  • Sarah

    This is an out of the box suggestion – but there could be bugs in your fiddle lead fig. Either root meal or curl grubs. Curl grubs are more likely because they are the larvae of 4 different types of flying beetle. What they do is eat the root system for food and the plant slowly gets sicker and sicker with no explanation!

    You can buy a spray from Bunnings to treat both root mealy and curl – or I use Potassium Permanganate which also treats both. I get mine from eBay because it’s cheaper but you can buy it from chemist too. Dissolve a pinch of the crystals in 5L of water – a lot I know! I sometimes do a few crystals in a watering can if I don’t have to treat all my plants.

    Apparently you can use bleach too but I never have and you would need to research it.
    Good luck!

    • Katrina (author)

      Interesting! Thanks for the tips! I will look in to it. X

  • Linda Schraven

    The mirror in your bathroom how high is it, I’ve just finished 2 brand new bathrooms ex the mirrors, I like the idea of the mirrors touching the vanity

  • Teah Price

    My fiddles seem to like my entry way- filtered arvo sun and maybe the air through the front door when it’s open? They can be fussy little things huh!!

  • Kelly Taylor

    Just curious on your tips for keeping on top of clutter, cleaning and tidying ……with boys big and small, I feel like I go round in circles x

  • Ellie

    So after telling my friend last week that I would be ‘Netflix & Chill’-ing – she kindly informed me of its true meaning. Oops!!!
    (This is NSFW or kids!!!)

    Actually its not as good as the time a manager in the business I was working in came to talk about how uncomfortable he was about a staff member signing off texts with ‘lol’ – he thought that ‘lots of love’ was very inappropriate 🙂

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