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Howdy! How have you all been? I haven’t had a chance to hang out here much this past week, I’ve been a busy little chicken designing websites and stuff. It’s good to be busy though!

My big kid Cruise turned 13 on the weekend. So I am officially a mother of a teenager. What? How did that happen? Time has gone too quick. He’s changed since this high school thing. My husband and I were talking about it last night. He’s growing up and every week I can see he’s becoming more and more of his own person. This is not a bad thing, but I am aching inside a little bit because my baby is slowly turning in to a big grown-up. I could write a book on being a mother to 3 boys. Life ain’t always so easy!

Anyway, Cruise is the busiest kid I know and he has me at his beck and call. He’s a sports nut and will never sit still. So when he is not training for a sport in the arvo, he’s off riding his bike in the bush somewhere taking photos and making videos… Here’s a couple of his recent photos… I also let him open up his Instagram account to the public (for now!) because he really loves his photography and he’s pretty good at it. He cleaned up all the photos over there, so now they are all sensible. When he starts being a silly idiot online then I’ll make him put it back to private. (Although he’s always on snapchat, so who can truly control these things? That’s another blog post for another time about boys and the internet!)



While Cruise was up riding in the bush, I drove up there to gather a bit of foliage and he watched for snakes (I wore my husband’s joggers!). I got home safely… 😉


I bought a couple of new pillows from Pillow Talk. I love this hot pink! Well, living with 4 males gives me the right to sneak a bit of pink in!


We’ve had 8 summer storms this month so the news in Wagga tells me. That’s crazy! Oh well, my lawn is yet again loving the drink.


We’re still playing lots of cricket. Only a few more weeks to go. Although we’re already talking about footy lots. We just go from one code to the next, just like that. My husband coaches the cricket and I am the secretary of our rugby league footy club so I am currently registering 250 odd kids for the new season! Cruise is trialling for a rugby union team today and all my boys will play rugby league on a Saturday and they all play AFL on a Sunday. There goes the weekends. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Keeping them busy is my main goal in life. Then there’s no time to hang on the Xbox, or tv, or even downtown when they get to high school. Oh no, there will be none of that going on here thanks.

I spend all my money at Sportsman’s Warehouse too. I am there almost every week. If you told me 15 years ago that I would only ever work to spend money on food and sporting goods I would not have believed you! The girls at the sports shop now say “see you next week…” I buy 3 pairs of joggers, 3 pairs of footy boots, cricket bats, helmets, gloves, pads, thigh pads, grips (and I am always buy new grips!), mouth guards, shoulder pads, skins… need me to keep going? I have a storage room in my laundry and it’s packed with kids sporting goods! It’s also hard to pass things down as my boys are all different sizes and they play hard in their gear so everything is worn out quickly…. oh boys!


Yesterday my bestie and I spent the afternoon on my lounge watching Horrible Bosses 2 – if you want a silly and funny movie then watch this! Loved it. We laughed and laughed. My bestie is a hairdresser and she has an awesome salon at her home, and sometimes (because we both work from home) we decide to take the arvo off and watch a movie together. It’s the best! Better than having coffee downtown or going out for a drink.


I’m still buying summer fruit (to eat and for display!) while I can before the Winter gets here. Which I hate by the way. I am NOT a fan of Winter.IMG_2423

My fiddle leaf fig is still going along well. It hasn’t had any new leaves in a while though. But maybe it’s been a little too warm. I am now on the hunt for a smaller one to put up on a table. My eyes are peeled and looking all over town.IMG_2403

 Today I am heading to Albury to spend the day with my Mum and visit my Nan who is in hospital after she had a fall. Speaking of hospitals, my mother-in-law is in hospital here in Wagga too. She has a secondary cancer and is very very unwell at the moment. It’s around her lungs. They had to drain them yesterday and the day before they had to put the paddles on her heart to bring it back in to rhythm. I hope she comes home today 🙁

Boy that was a little essay wasn’t it? I have so much to write about but I never have enough time. I need someone to follow me around with a dictaphone to take it all down and convert it in to a blog post. Hope you all have a great day! ♥ KC.

PS. Excuse the changes on my blog, it was time for a freshen up and I’ll probably still be mucking around with it for a few days.


  • Steph Perrot

    hi katrina
    Where did you get you fiddle leaf fig from I have been looking around Wagga for ages

    • Katrina (author)

      It was from Bunnings and I go there every week looking but no luck!

  • Kelly Exeter

    Oh no – that’s not good having a nan and a MIL in hospital 🙁 I hope your MIL comes home today xx

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks lovely, so do I. My husband is 1 of 6 kids and they all still live here in Wagga so lots of love amongst them all helping out.

  • Kylee

    Sorry to hear about your Nan and MIL. My MIL is also battling cancer and just recently had her lungs drained too. The good news is she is home and doing reasonably well. I wish the same for your MIL.

    As for the sporting – this is what I have to look forward to. I have 1 son just joined a football club for the first time this year and the other son still deciding what sport he want to do. Then to add to it I have my little diva asking me to start ballet. So I think I’ll be working for the same reasons as you.

  • Deb

    You know there’s a special place in heaven for mothers of 3 boys! That’s what they tell me anyway….
    I hope it’s pink 🙂

  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    I purchased my first fiddle leaf last week – Bunnings had 2 left and I snatched it up for a bargain price of $22. I hope your Nan & MIL are on the mend, sending positive vibes and love! x A

  • Kate

    So sorry to hear about your nan and mother in law.
    Sending well wishes to your family!

    I am fairly new to your blog and have to say I enjoy sitting down with a cuppa in the morning and having a read!

    I was especially pleased to read a little about your how your figgy is aswell! Lol I got one end of last year and thought I was about to kill it, then I moved it onto the patio now it’s going great and getting a few new leaves every couple of weeks, I think when it starts to cool down I might be in trouble though!


  • somethinggorgeous

    Hi Katrina, we are seriously thinking of changing to word press, just wondering are there any hidden costs or is it just like being on blogger, once it’s up and running that’s it?

    Great post by the way!


    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Toni, No ongoing costs except for the domain and hosting purchase which is usually paid yearly. X

      • somethinggorgeous

        Is the initial organising and purchase of the Domain and hosting done by you or do I need to organise before you change us over to Word Press?

  • Nola Grasby

    Love seeing pics of your house, your posts are so real and that’s what we love!!

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