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Hi there! How are things at your house? Mine has been a little up and down…

Last weekend we headed off to the lovely town of Orange for a 4 day rep cricket carnival representing Wagga. We were so excited for my big boy! He was pumped and ready to perform. He’d been training every single day. Cruise was their opening batter and I was almost ready to vomit with the nerves and so was he… unfortunately the little poppet didn’t have a great week and just couldn’t make the runs. The whole Wagga team got a little rattled and they all struggled to get a win under their belt.

But gee we’ve learnt some lessons and even though we all came home glad it was over, I am sure my big boy will pick himself up and head back out on the field in a few weeks ready to smash that ball again!


I did manage to sneak in a little shopping in and I just had to visit Jumbled. My eyes didn’t know where to focus because there were so many goodies!


Here are 2 of my little kids, snoozing in the car trip home. Haha!


The good thing about coming home was that we were getting a pool put in! We woke up very early yesterday morning to a digger in our yard. The sun was shining and we were ready to go. Rain was on the horizon but it was being upgraded, then downgraded on the weather radar so we just kept going with it…

IMG_1770 IMG_1778 IMG_1773

And then the rain came… in bucket loads. All is ok though. As I write this my husband is out in the hole shoveling out some water and we are hoping to get the pool in the ground before the next downpour comes! The weather app is again upgrading and then downgrading the rain! I feel like I am on The Block again getting stressed about the weather and a time frame. LOL!

IMG_1794Hopefully we can crane the pool in over the house this morning (but it doesn’t look like it!). Otherwise we will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. Photos will be on Instagram 🙂

Stay tuned…

♥ KC.


  • Belinda Bishop

    I have fibre glass pool. Nice easy process. The longest part was doing the deck and landscaping. Good luck!

  • Trudi-Lee Wilson

    At least the neighbors won’t need to wonder about what sort of pool you’re getting lol

  • Susannjamie Southwell

    And how’s your hubby handling it on his lawn? ??? Lol!

  • Charmaine Campbell

    Love if u could share more info and advice on having a pool put in

  • Anorina Morris

    We just had a fiberglass ‘Symphony’ pool put in by Narellan. And the same colour too 🙂 Hope the weather clears for you.

  • Michelle Comerford

    Yikes I think there’s a lot of rain on the way…..hope you get it in first!

  • Sue

    We are hoping to get a pool put in this year, so I will be very interested to see the whole process. We have SO much rain in Northern Victoria. I hope you manage to get the pool in today.

  • Wendy

    Bet your husband is more worried about his front lawn with the pool sitting on it waiting to be craned over

  • Judie

    Summer cricket carnivals can be quite a challenge. Away from home, long hot days, not performing the way you think you would. As you go up through the age groups it gets a little easier. We survived through 5 years of it! Enjoy your pool when it’s in.

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