Around here this week…

I’ve been a little MIA this week. I’m in holiday mode so I can’t help it! The kids are home and are already driving me mad (it’s only be 2 days!) 😉 I haven’t had the computer on much, which has been a good thing. We made a gingerbread house as you can see… They’ve found their slushie machine too, so they’ve been busily freezing ice cubes and slurping on orange stuff all day… Well, it has been 40 degrees here this week. Today and tomorrow is going to be about 42!

Ready for Christmas? I’m sort of. I like to work under pressure though. I have about 30 people coming Christmas Day, but I still can’t get my head around it! That’ll be a job for Sunday. We have ordered the meat though! We’re having hot ham, rolled pork and turkey on the weber. That’s my husband’s domain… he’s got it all under control (he is a much better cook than me!).

I still have a lay-by to pick up, but that needs to be a last minute one. I still have a couple of little presents to get, so I will be one of those painful people and do it all the day before. BUT, the bulk of it is done! God I’m glad it’s almost over! The hype and the madness is wearing me down 😉

Today I am off to Albury to celebrate Amie and her daughter’s birthday (where the hell does the apostrophe go in that sentence??). Happy Birthday Amie and Priya!! Yes, they share the same birthday. They’re having a pool party – just what is needed on a hot day! I’ll share pictures on Instagram of course.

Tomorrow we’re having a street Christmas party. I decided that because this was a new street and we were all new neighbours, that we should have a street party. I organised it about 6 weeks ago, so I am looking forward to that! Then the parties are all done (except Christmas Day). I am excited about Boxing Day actually. When I can relax! How’s your household at the moment? Crazy and tired?

I need something nice to wear Christmas Day. That’s still something on my list I need to do… find something new. Do you like to wear a dress on Christmas Day? If I had been more organised I could have ordered something online, but of course I haven’t done that!

Ok, so gotta get going for the day. I’m off on that road trip!

Have a great day. KC.

PS. I was lucky enough to be featured on Jane Hall’s blog this week. See that here. Remember Jane from Neighbours?


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