Around here lately

I haven’t popped in for a while to do a photo dump and quick catch. Most of my photos go in to Instagram stories these days. Head over there if you want to follow along. Chambo (my husband) features heavily and seems to have gathered his own following hahaha…

Here’s a few snaps from my phone…

Footy is back and watching from the car is the only warm place.

Had an afternoon with my sister and this is my Mum.

It was a bloody good cake. My sister CAN cook!

I took some quilts and doonas to the laundromat to use their big machines and dryers. Best thing ever.

Our bedroom got a mini makeover. More on that one soon.

When you’ve got handy kids I boss them around to help me hang stuff!

Snapped a few pups off a big cactus to make some little pots.

Ta-dah. I am in love with them!

Sold a crap tonne of crystals over the last month. I only have 2 left in my shop. More coming soon!

This monstera is taking over the whole wall and windows. The mirror is being swallowed up ha!

Took a risk and bought this vintage rug from Turkey from Etsy. The shop is here.

My baby turned 14!

Pumping out the low-tox scents on the daily. This combo was fresh.

Waiting for these camellia’s to pop.

They made about 100 sausage rolls.

I really really like this denim jacket haha!! It’s my weekend uniform. Had coffee in a cute garden space in Wagga.

The kookaburras are still visiting daily. We’ve had 7 recently!

Spring has sprung around here. I’ve spent the last few days cleaning windows, my oven, washing sheets, vacuuming under beds and rearranging the pots on my verandah. Love this time of year.

♥ KC.

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