Around here lately…

Hi there! How have you all been?

I haven’t got anything riveting to report. No exciting news or anything to write home about, but hey I like it this way!

What’s been going on around here… hmmm…

I was a little overwhelmed and angry last week. At nothing in particular, but I was having one of those weeks. You see, I do too much sometimes. Don’t we all?! I don’t have any help, with anything actually. No babysitter, no relatives to help, no cleaner, and a husband who works 60-80hours a week. I was having a whinge about how hard to can be to work and clean and cook and wash and do homework and take kids to sport… BUT this week I am happy to say I’ve shaken that off and I am better. I think it was the two hour day sleep on Saturday which snapped me out of my “woe is me” moment!

This week I am going to try and stay on top of things. I have a 2 day trip to Melbourne later in the week so I am looking forward to that little bit of “me” time. My crohn’s is not being very nice either so maybe that’s why I have been feeling a little low. Just keeping an eye on that for now.

My boys have kept me busy with their sport…

image1 image9

This is what I said on my Insta yesterday:
I spend every Saturday and Sunday with my little people watching them play sport. People think I am crazy but there’s nowhere I’d rather be. I drive them to their training every single day of the week and then sit for hours on end watching them. They line up each week with such enthusiasm and gusto. I grab their little faces after every game and tell them how proud I am. They don’t have to be the best on ground, they don’t have to be a stand out… They just have to want to play and want to try hard. That’s what I want to teach them. You get what you give… So give it all you’ve got! If it’s not your day today then you can always try harder next week. Be happy for those around you, pull your socks up and you’ll do ok in life. Can be with anything – not just sport! ❤️


The weather got pretty foul around here.


I pulled out the kids’ wardrobes but couldn’t be bothered to finish so this is still sitting in one room…. shhhh 😉


Always styling and blogging! Cruise loves it when I have photos which need taking because he’s the head apprentice and is a whiz at the camera.


A $7 light globe vase from the Reject Shop. Winning!


Country Style, cheese toastie and a catch up on Empire was required on Saturday before I had that two hour sleep!


Footy on the grass. I ate a hot dog and a pile of milky buds! 😉


I’m always creeping around the house at 5.30am. It’s the only time I can really get my blog posts done. The day doesn’t always go to plan so I make sure I’ve done all the important stuff before the kids wake.


Then the sun creeps in and a little person stirs. Breakfast madness follows!


My mother-in-law is in Sydney hospital. She was flown by air ambulance. She isn’t good so I am not going to complain about anything this week.

Hope all is well in your world. I have a faux sick child home today and all I can hear is Scooby-Doo on repeat. I’m happy to have him here though 🙂

♥ KC.


  • lauren

    I was having one of those weeks too! After no power for 4 days i was over it… but heaps worse off than me..But in other news…. i love your kitchen pendants! Where are they from?

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks Lauren! They are from Masters 🙂

  • Nicole

    It must have been the week for it, I have a cleaner but still found myself complaining about trying to do it all and how can I change things. Then I remember that I am fortunate that I am self employed and can afford to let my kids do it all and to pull my head in and keep on going. All sometimes you need is a little “me” time and to hear that you are not alone. All the best to you and your health and your mum in law ☺️

  • Chrissie Taylor

    #1 I hope your mother-in-law will be ok?….. 🙁 #2 yep, working full time, then weekends spent: washing, folding, ironing, groc shopping, cooking – repeat #3 what IS me time anyway??? he he he he 🙂

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