Around here lately

I usually like to do these photo dumps an catch ups every month, but I looked back and the last one I did was in July. Oops! So, today here’s a massive pile of photos of what’s been happening around here lately…

Got a bit of clash going on in the bedroom.

I put this photo on Instagram and Facebook and it went crazy. I’m still getting comments. This is what I wrote – Just in case you didn’t know… Only water your plants when this little fella tells you to. If you’re a serial plant killer ? then I can pretty much guarantee it’s because of a watering issue. It’s $12 from Bunnings or find them on eBay. It’s called a moisture meter. Some plants need weekly watering, some plants need monthly watering and you’ll get to know which plant needs what with this device. You only have to buy one and just place it in your plants (stab it in a few spots) weekly to check. And only ever water when it says dry.

Just to annoy my children I wear their hats/beanies.

King Bear before he had a massive haircut!

Dinner outside because the weather was good!

This kid turned 13. All teens in my house now. Love this little face.

Hahahahahaha! I had my eyebrows feather tattooed. Best thing I’ve ever done. Looks good during the process 😉

This kid showed us around a house he’s been working on.

My Mum came to visit. And boy can she shop! 😉

Ok, we’ve joined the Kmart Air Fryer craze. Only bought it a week ago and already it’s been used 20 times. The boys even went camping for a couple of days and took it with them. The generator ran it apparently! Ha!

It was grand final for this one. They didn’t win. Bummer. But he played like a champ (and I’m his Mum so of course I can say that!). Love his guts.

Awards night! He looks pretty handsome. Although a smile would be good!

And I got dressed up!

Magnolia heaven!

I’m always trying stuff on my skin. I’ve been having treatments done at Skin Solutions Wagga. Love it.

As soon as they smell food they’ll come from wherever they’ve been hiding.

Grabbed a $99 bedhead from Amart for this little kid.

Green is my fave colour.

And just a few snaps from around my house.

There’s a middle child who is always missing from photos. It’s not deliberate! Haha. He HATES them with a passion. That’s fine I say, but occasionally you have to let me get one and I can save it in my camera. The other two are fine with the odd photo online here and there. BOYS!

I’m working lots and and lots at the moment. I actually love it. I’m full time doing marketing for a real estate company, selling doTERRA, doing interior design consults AND writing on this blog daily (although I have had Bec from The Plumbette helping me write which is awesome!).

It’s a public holiday today and I’m off to get organised for the rest of the week…. Groceries and even a trip to the tip!

Oh, and you’ll mostly find me hanging out on my Instagram Stories. ♥ KC.

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