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I’m going way back… It’s been a long time since I did a photo dump and a quick catch up! Life has been normal, but good. My little blog has been suffering a bit lately, but that’s ok. These things happen. I’ve probably changed direction a bit, and that’s been keeping me busy.

Earlier this year I did a 10 week stint of full time work for the State Election and I really loved it. I hadn’t worked full time since I was 20 years old! I didn’t think I could do it, but I totally did. My boys are getting so big now and it was time I started doing stuff for myself and actually get a good job. I was feeling well too, so that helped.

That job finished and at the time I thought I’d be happy to go back to just my normal freelance interior work and do some more stuff with doTERRA. But one day I noticed a call out for a marketing and social media job at a local real estate agent business. Again it was full time. I ummmm and ahhhhhed over this one, but my husband encouraged me to apply. And I got it! So, since early May I’ve been back to working full time… I really love it. It’s a very good job. Not hard, not too stressful and actually lots of fun. With 30 people in the office it’s hard to stay sensible and not laugh most of the day. 😉

So, that’s been me in a nutshell. Workin’ 9-5 and it’s been filling my cup. It’s nice to have the money, it’s nice to be with other people and my boys have really stepped up to help out. Being on this treadmill has actually been good. I’ve spent years being sick and unable to do stuff, so I truly appreciate this phase at the moment.

My most favourite part of the last couple of month was going to Fiji for my brother’s wedding. THE BEST TIME EVER! Seriously. Nothing with ever top that wedding. My whole family went (minus kids!).

I’ve also been working with Thomas Bros (car sales) here in Wagga Wagga. Test driving some of their cars. I’ll show you the cool ones below!

Anyway, here’s a heaps of photos….

Still selling crystals and oils. Because I’m out of the house working so much I have to do this job very early in the morning (or bribe a child to help me at night).

If you can’t make one of my workshops, then you can watch all my prerecorded stuff online too!

I had a quick trip to Melbourne for a digital marketing workshop. I love that stuff.

Ok, so here is the Jaguar E-Pace I had for a month. I partnered with Thomas Bros Group here in Wagga. We hadn’t done a Sunday arvo drive in a while. We used to do that lots before kids, before sport, before Netflix, before social media ? Instead of slouching on the couch my hubby and I decided to take the Jaguar E-Pace for a whirl around town looking at what blocks of land are for sale in Wagga. It’s comfier than the lounge and so quiet!! This SUV is the perfect size! Zippy, dynamic and it goes like a rocket.

Then I switched to the Land Rover Discovery sport. BETTER than I imagined. This is a 7-seater dream Mum-car.

“I will keep dreaming. My dreams always come true. It is a great excitement any time a dream is fulfilled.” – Lailah GiftyAkita.

It’s sexy, it’s brand new and it’s a pleasure to drive… While I don’t get to keep her, I’ve enjoyed the good feelings she’s been bringing me. It’s weird I know! But life is exciting, and you never know where it will take you, or what will come your way. Manifesting, always thinking positive thoughts and being surrounded by good things will take you far… (also fake it ‘til you make it helps!) ?

On the June long weekend we made a quick trip to our favourite place – Narooma. The boys took me fishing, we ate like kings, we hung at the beach. And we never laughed so much! Cruise brought a mate with him and every night we played the most hilarious word games. Me with 5 males – never a dull moment!

Oh and THIS happened. He let us shave off the mullet! It was revolting. I can’t believe he let it grow that long. His mate’s Dad gave him $100 to shave it off, and so he did. 😉

Isn’t he cute?? Sometimes he lets me take photos!

Then the big dog and I headed to Fiji for my brother’s wedding!

It was a tough few days as you can see…

We go alright for some oldies…

My sister and I acting all glam!

Me and my Mumma ♥

Look at them!!!!! Love them so much. Such a fun wedding. Nothing will ever top that one. There was 50 of us that went over and it was a dream. They won’t forget that day in a hurry.

I even did some water sports hahahaha! Bag and all! Straight in. No cares.

Just some of the girls out and about 🙂

The never ending pile. I HATE winter. Nothing dries, everything is heavy and bulky. Give me summer any day!

Just some shots from around my work place.

Working with real estate has been fun again. See, once upon a time I actually had my real estate certificate and was selling. Now I’m just doing marketing, but you never know where that may go! 😉

The kookaburras still come every single day.

This too never ends. School holidays were hectic…

He’s my favourite person ever. Married 19 years and he still cracks me up every day.

That’s all for today. That was huge photo dump. Thank you if you managed to scroll down this far. Ha!

♥ KC.

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