Around here lately

It’s been a long time between catch ups! Sometime you just lose your mojo don’t you?? That’s been me a bit lately.

I thought I’d do a quick bullet point catch up today.

  • I started a new job. It’s full time. I’m tired, but it’s tops! It’s in real estate doing social media and marketing and is right up my alley. I wasn’t really even looking for a job, but I saw it come up and nek minit I’m starting! It’s been good for me to get out and about with new things to do.
  • I went to the doTERRA convention. You can read about that here. I’m converting all my new work friends to low-tox 😉
  • My bag isn’t cooperating at the moment. I’m not sure what’s up and neither does the doc. I’ve got swollen joints and I’m so bloated. So I will be having that all sorted in the next few days.
  • It’s so cold here in Wagga all of a sudden. It went from windows open in the day, to snow not far from here!
  • I haven’t done any new projects or DIY stuff around here in ages! No time now that I’m working, but my brain is ticking all the time! I feel like my office needs some love. Maybe there could be a long weekend project in there.
  • I’m going to Fiji in 3 weeks for my brother’s wedding. I cannot wait. I will need some warmth by then.
  • One of my kids got braces last week. We are now on that cycle of never ending dentist bills, with another kid to follow. You hear my pain?!
  • My eldest kid just got a reality check with paying his first lot of rego and insurance on his own car. I was one of those parents and said smugly said “welcome to the real world mate.” 😉
  • I got my eyes tested last week and yep this 40 something year old will be wearing new specs next week. I’ve got to stop squinting!
  • My kids have been fending for themselves a lot lately… which has been good for them. I have driven them to and from school for years, but they’ve been getting the bus, walking in the rain, getting their own arvo tea, sorting their school clothes… It’s actually been the best thing. I’m glad they are a little older now. As for that 17 year old I have – well he is never home and only sleeps and eats here! You know what that age is like!

Me acting all cool and saying “let’s have a cocktail in the day!”

My face when I realise the cocktail is too strong and I will be sleepy in about 5 mins because I never drink…. 😉 Ha!

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you’re having an awesome week. ♥ KC.

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