Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for popping in today. Here’s my usual photo dump and catch up of what’s been happening around here lately…

Aren’t sunrises in March just THE best!?

My roses have probably just had their last cycle for a while. I trimmed them back yesterday so now they’ll stay bare looking until I give them a big prune in July.

He reckons he’s not obsessed with his hedges at all. Nope 😉

Last cricket game for the season.

I went to a sound bowl meditation and had my chakras realigned. So good. I’m going back again next weekend.

Just around Wagga town.

Please don’t bounce that inside. PLEASE. As if they ever listen.

Footy has started for my big boy on the right. Now I will spend the next 6 months cringing.

More plants!

We’ve had a whole family of Kookaburras suddenly start visiting us morning and night for the past 2 weeks. It started with one, now we have 6!!! We’ve lived in this house 6 years and I know they have always been in some trees up on a hill (because I can hear them), but I’ve never even see them until now. I am absolutely fascinated. They take up a lot of my day waiting for them and watching them and tossing mince on our lawn. They are ADORABLE. I know they have a spiritual meaning too, so it’s been nice to read and learn about that.

I have made so many low-tox cleaning and natural cosmetic products this past week. I’ll share them all on my blog this week. If you want to learn more, I have a heap of online classes in April. Go here to sign up.

This one is 14 TODAY!!! Hip hip hooray! Sweetest little kid ever. Well not ‘little’ because he’s bigger than me. But boy I’m lucky to have this one. He’s the one who will probably be with me for many years!

he only time I make their beds these days is when I change the sheets! And even then I don’t bother with throw pillows often 😂 Ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s be real, 3 teen boys aren’t fussy 🤪 As long as no one touches their TV or PlayStation they don’t care about anything else!

Let that Autumn light in.

I’ve just finished doing 10 weeks full time work. And it was the best thing I’ve ever done! I have not worked full time since I was 20 years old. Kids and chronic illness took up all those years. I’ve always done little stints of work here and there but never committed this much. When my friend Mackenna asked me to come and help her for a couple of months I thought NO WAY. AS IF. I sat with it for days. Chatted to my husband and my Mum and decided I actually had to reason to say no thanks. So here we are! My friend Kenna didn’t win, but she’s a newbie and she’ll be back next time bigger and better! She’s a gun. I’ve learnt so much, met the best people and haven’t been this happy in a long time. It’s been so good to be able to say yes, I CAN work and get out there. Originally I thought no way can I do this… What about the kids? What about the house and the chores?? I wear a bag!! BUT everyone really stepped up around here and I actually think it was the best thing for my kids… they just had to work it out, look after themselves and HELP with stuff. I’m going to take a few weeks break, enjoy some time at home and then I reckon I’ll look for something else cool to get stuck in to. Who would have thought that someone who usually does interior design and essential oils would actually love politics. Didn’t see that coming. Ha!! I surprised myself!

My husband and his Dad came along to help.

Guys, we’ve had some RAIN!!

Full moon meant some serious recharging and cleansing was needed for these babies.

Give your plants filtered sun and they will thrive. Promise.

These agaves were baby cuttings and now look! I just got some more, so I’ll need to find a spot to plant them. They don’t like the frost though so I will cover them for winter.

We grabbed some more Jasmine vines to put along a fence. 6 years we’ve been here and we have a long fence where we’ve struggled to grow hedges, so we’re trying these instead.

That’s all for this month! See you in April. ♥ KC.


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