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Howdy! You know my camera is always full of random photos and I haven’t shared some of them on my blog for a while. We’re racing towards the end of the year and of course everything gets crazy busy. Well, if you read my blog post about Christmas you’ll know that I don’t like this time of the year to be stressful, so I do try and minimise everything as much as a I can.

Anyhoo… here’s a big photo dump!

Bear is always watching and waiting to bark at anything that moves past our house.

Just a few housey shots.

Cricket, cricket, cricket!

We’ve had rain! So everything is growing like mad.

My big boy and I sneak out for lunch together sometimes.

He’s the boss!

Here’s how I do my ALDI shop. 2 tubs and we throw everything in those from the trolley. Then the tubs go straight in to the pantry to unpack.

Warm nights out here.

So much doTERRA love. I am addicted. Life changing seriously. I have actually never felt better.

Around the streets in Wagga with my L-plater.

This one has officially finished school forever. He’s off to full time working. He’s got a building apprenticeship (new house for Mum one day!) and I’m really proud of him. He’s wanted to be a builder since he was 3 years old and he never ever wanted to finish school. He just wanted to get out of there. I tried really hard to get him to stay, but I’ll give him credit for being motivated and head strong! He’s only 16 and thinks he’s grown up, but he’s still a little kid to me!


Summer fun. Bear LOVES the pool.

These 2 never stop talking to each other. NEVER stop. They are glued together.

I’m always in the car waiting for someone! It had been a big day.

Get your vibe right with some crystal loooooovvveee.

The littlest kid was off to his high school orientation day. So I’ve got one that has left school and 2 in high school next year. The primary school days are over. I’m happy about the one drop-off and pick-up too!

My sweet little kid before his year 6 grad… I was so emotional all night and I don’t cry very often! I think it’s because we’re leaving the primary school after being there for 11 years AND my boy wrote me the most heartfelt and grateful letter. He’s also leaving all his mates to go to a different high school, but he’s going to be A-OK. I have this thing where I grit my teeth and say to him “you know when you love someone so much you could rip their head off??” He’ll go nahhh Mum I don’t think I want to rip someone’s head off! 🤪 Haha

When you’re out and you look at your phone and this photo is in a text message. Mullet number 1. I got home last night and ANOTHER child has a mullet too!! What is THAT with boys????

STOP growing. “It’ll have to be part of your Christmas present boy.” 😉

This is my colostomy supply cupboard for December and January. We are very lucky to have these things covered my Medicare in Australia. I am really grateful actually. You are only allocated a certain amount per month so you do have to be mindful/careful that you don’t use them unnecessarily or you’ll run out.

I hope your week leading up to Christmas is calm and happy! I am putting the tree up today (still haven’t done it!). Ha. I promised the boys it will be today.

♥ KC.


  • Denyse Whelan

    Have a wonderful Christmas! What a year hey! You have done so very well.I was thinking about this time last year for you…it was still to come…the freedom you now have. You are amazing lady! Loved the catch up and I get the emotional pull of “lasts”. Sending love and thanks for looking out for me too. Denyse xx

    • Katrina (author)

      and you too lovely lady! It’s been a big year for you as well. Wishing you a wonderful 2019 and beyond xxxx

  • Mackenzie

    Hi Katrina, LOVE your blog! Just wondering what the plants are on your coffee table (1st pic) and the 2 sitting in water in your kitchen (2nd pic) they are gorgeous! Absolutely love your taste.

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi! The coffee table is a zanzibar gem. Kitchen left is agave, right is jade. xxx

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