Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for popping in today. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a big photo dump. While things have been pretty uneventful around here, I am still happy to take 100 photos!

Scroll on through my never end photos of indoor plants and my dog (and the occasional rare one of my kids if I can sneak one!)…

I’m THAT in love with my new zanzibar gem. He’s HUGE. I am praying and crossing everything that I don’t kill him. I feel like this is my new baby and I’m on high alert with any changes. Ha!

My L-plater has done all of his hours now, so here is the most frustrating and annoying few months until he can actually get his P’s. He’s beside himself that he still has to wait until February! And driving me crazy until then because he says 100 times a day “I can’t wait until I get my P’s”. I am NOT ready for this!

He makes me stuff and never complains about my ‘projects’…

The boys were after pocket money so my husband put them to task. We own a printing company and once a year a massive job comes in where 20,000 calendars need magnets put on the back. I swear I ended up doing half of them (and no pay either!)… The kids won on this one.

His head is in there – always using wire for something!

Yay to the warmer weather…

Sooooo much cricket again this year! I love it though.

Get on the oils! OMG life changing – I’m not even saying that. Go read this Facebook post today. This is my bedside table with my nightly potions. All natural, less $$$ and feeling so good.

Filling the house will non-toxic fresh and wonderful scents! Use the diffuser for aroma, lift moods or to sleep better.

Oils for a head cold. Works a treat.

I made my own washing powder during the week. More info here. If you want to know about why/how I’ve decided to go low-tox in the house then you can read this blog post I wrote last week.

My husband and I went and saw A Star Is Born. OMG so good. We loved it. I want to see it again!! Have you seen it??

Just some outside snaps. The garden is well and truly coming to life.

Just some inside snaps…

When your child buys sunglasses and you send selfies to him at school.

I’ve been having some treatments done on my face at Complete Skin Wagga. Firstly, because I’m getting old. Secondly, because 23 years of medication has not been kind to my skin (and has caused lots of sun damage), and thirdly, because I needed a treat! I have some awesome before and after photos coming soon. I still have one treatment to go this week.

Just some dog photos…

Life these days. Want to read more about my chronic illness? Head here.

So that’s about it lately. Kids are keeping me busy, doTERRA is going off its head and I am so happy I’ve found this good thing. Today I’m off to cricket and then my bestie’s house because she is hosting her own doTERRA class. We’re all obsessed here!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

♥ KC.


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