Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for popping in today. Here’s my usual photo dump and catch up on what’s been happening around here lately…

I found this mirror above for $80 on a buy swap sell page and painted it black. I thought this was a great bargain!

My husband put blue ink alllll over this lounge last night. I was in such a spin. We’ve been together 20 years and not once have we had an ink issue like this (he’s a printer). He never gets it on his clothes. But last night after work he was sitting on the couch and when he got up there was blue ink everywhere!! We’ve tried to clean and clean and clean it, but it’s not all out. We have special ink chemicals and a hand held carpet cleaning machine thingy and it’s still there this morning. Looks like a throw rug will have to be in that spot now. What do you do?? It’s not the end of the world, so I’m just moving on… sigh.

Just a few snaps from around my jungle. I’m plant addicted I know. But you really can’t go wrong when styling – add a plant and things start to take shape. I love adding a bit of life to a corner or a table.

Hanging with the siblings. My bro and my sis.

See, more plants! These are cutting from my own garden. I just rip bits off, put in some water until they sprout roots and put them back in the garden again.

I actually went out, at night!

Ok, I have doTERRA fever. These little bottles are magic and life changing. I cannot believe it’s taken me all these years to make a change. We’ve gone low-tox here, I’ve thrown out half of my medicine box and feel so much better for it.

Did you see my laundry makeover? Is it normal to now WANT to be in the laundry??

Spring is in the air. I’ve been giving my outdoor pots a little bit of love. NOW is the time to primp yours so they make the most of the early warm weather and are well established.

Thanks so much for all of your messages and little pep talks about this blog post. I had quite a terrible week actually. So many things happened. They weren’t major, but really did test me and I do have some really great techniques I’ve been using over the past few months to help me deal with any rubbish thrown my way. It’s all in how you deal with things. You can’t stop the stuff from coming at you, but you can decide how you let it affect you.

I’m starting to love this thing attached to me. It’s a symbol of me taking charge of my body. This would be the best thing I’ve ever done and I am grateful. Nevermind the few accidents I’ve had with it over the past month. Haha, poo everywhere is not fun! But it’s funny and alllll ok.

I love a market!

Father’s Day with the gang and all the boys.

Cricket has started. I LOVE cricket season. I get so addicted to it haha.

Just the usual with 3 boys. Good lordy lord. I just look away most of the time. It’s usually over in 30 seconds and they are friends again. But it can get a bit wild that’s for sure.

I love my little house. I could stay home every single day and never get bored, never wish to get out and about… I’m am always much happier when all the boys are here too. When it’s late in the day and we wind down and sit in the couch all together watching our favourite shows…That’s the best part of the day. Time has flown by and I look at my boys and wish they’d all just stay here with me forever. I have decided this year to live more in the moment and love life right now. I don’t need to wish for a single thing.

He’s number 1!

This morning I’ve been up, went out and about for a run (but I walked 80% of the time, but I’m still saying run). My whole body was on fire haha. Today is going to be great!

Happy Saturday ♥ KC.

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