Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. July was a month of birthday’s, confirmation and a lot of sitting in the car watching the boys play sport (freezing!).

When your baby catches a lobster! How is this one going to be in high school next year too???

2 faces I love! That’s my middle kid Tex. Sweet as anything that one. Always worrying about me and asking how I am. He’s a keeper.

Yep, there they all are. Huge, loud, wild, foul mouthed, but soooooo lovely. Poor Chev has to put up with his big bro and a fist to the face. Ha!

I am always sniffing around a junk shop. You just never know what you might find in there.

Cutest little book/coffee shop which has opened here in Wagga. I could have stayed all day.

My bestie. He’s such a funny little thing! And a big woolly looking sheep with all that hair. Time for the groomers. But he needs to be sedated when I take him, so I always hang out until he really needs to be done (because it costs a fortune!).

Freezing selfie day.

Over my back fence.

I had my little baby niece come to visit. Such a happy little cutie.

Oh, another selfie! Look at me go hahaha. I look so happy to be sitting in the car waiting yet again.

Who is that man with the feral cat on his face???? 😉

As usual I’ll been filling my weekends with either essential oils workshops or going to crystal/full moon ceremonies. I am hooked. I feel my energy and intuition has been shifting immensely over the last few months. The days are GOOD.

These 2 for the win. Assisting daily in my overall wellness.

Adding new pots and things to my house. Always shuffling things around. I love being at home and doing just that.

Still forever driving with my L-plater.

My bestie left these natives at my door during the week. You can’t go wrong with a bunch of greenery. Plus they last weeks!

Today I’m off to Albury to spend the day with my family. My Mum and I are going to a plant sale, then we’re visiting my Nan, then having lunch with my brother, followed by a display home visit and then I’ll see my sister on the way home. I’m leaving my boys at home with their Dad in charge today.

Happy Saturday! ♥ KC.

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