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This is a HUGE photo dump today! I realise it’s been weeks and weeks since I did an ‘Around here lately’ post! So today I am loading up all the photos. I do love to keep a record of what’s been happening. I take so many photos everyday and can’t just leave them sitting in my phone forever! 😉

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. Not in a bad way. I just seem to have a lot of tasks to do every day! My eldest kid has been working/building, so that’s been an added drop off/pick up (and very early mornings!). Also, we’re in a current New Moon phase so I actually feel a little jittery. Add to that the awful freezing weather and school holidays, life can feel a little intense! I also keep waking up sooooo early. Like 4.30am and cannot sleep. Once my brain switches on, that’s it for the sleep! I love getting up early though because I do get a lot of stuff done. BUT it makes me want to be in bed at 7pm!

Anyway, here’s the photos from what’s been happening around here lately…

Some winter morning sun. My favourite part of the house.

Tried to get a nice photo with this kid, but no way Mum!

Non glamorous but real life! I can now change this baby in about 30 seconds. I’ve been lucky… no messes, no spills, no dramas. It’s changed my life! No one in my family cares about it anymore. At night I sit on the couch with my peeps and I just let it hang out. Feels weird to be buying nappy bags and baby wipes again though 😂 And did you know I’ve put on 10kgs since my surgery?! I’m not even worried about that. If you saw me when I first got home (early March) I was 58kgs. I’m not short either so I looked like death. It wasn’t healthy! I actually didn’t know I’d put on that much (I knew I was loving my food again!) until my Doc emailed me during the week and asked me to check my weight for my Humira script. 10kgs 🙊 But I’m happy and feel great.

Spent a lovely evening with my husband out and about in Wagga. Suddenly we’ve hit a sweet spot where we can leave the kids at home for a few hours at night. We laugh and stare at each other when we’re out – is this even real? Ha! We even went to watch Dave Hughes comedy show.

The markets in Wagga – River and Wren – are the best thing going. I never miss them.

We’re almost half way through 120 hours of driving with my L-plater. My husband always seems to get out of it too 🤪 But I’ve really enjoyed doing it actually. Just him and I. I will miss it when it’s over! We chat lots (because you know boys, it’s hard to get much out of them at the best of times!). He tells me about his day, his mates, and the stuff he wants to do when he gets older. We talk about his sport, jobs, money, loans and how they work. I explain how interest works, what superannuation is and what’s it’s reaaaallllyyyy like being a grown up! I tell him stories about how his Dad and I met and remind him of things he did when he was little 💕 He plays me songs he loves and I enjoy every minute of it. If he asks me can we go for a drive I never say no, because before I know it I won’t have that time with him and he’ll be out on his own picking up his girlfriend and mates and I’ll be long forgotten. The years are going so quickly! Slow down please.

Chambo made me a shelf for all my doTERRA oils. He’s a good egg and very handy.

Yep, you know it’s winter when the puzzles come out.

I don’t know how we let him have this life. But somehow he got it. So relaxed there mate?

Wagga Beach looking dapper. I’m doing all the socials for a big event coming up for small regional businesses. Check it out here. If you haven’t been to Wagga and you’re an entrepreneur then you will get a lot out of this conference. I actually can’t wait. The gala dinner will be held here, under a marquee, that’s why I was there taking a snap of the car park.

It’s a selfie kind of day. The view was too good. I was out at Borambola Wines for a styling consult because they are doing some renos. How stunning is this place? They do a lot of weddings.

Sometimes I go to Bunnings to get coffee and wander by myself. I have no life. Ha!

Bring back the BBQ weather.

This little kid…. We have a joke – his best moments in life are when he’s immersed in some game/technology, eating popcorn (or he really loves chopped up watermelon squares) with a blanket – That’s his ideal day! 

My favourite bowl of crystals. You can never have too many! Getting all the love and good vibes in to my house.

Monday morning winter fresh in Wagga. ♥

I did a workshop for interior/exterior styling. It was hosted by our local council and it was aimed at cafes/accommodation/tourist businesses around town. I will do more of these. I loved it. In a few weeks I’m doing one called Mindfulness In The Home. If you’re in Wagga keep a look out because that will be held at the RCC.

Did a consult in here. This is coming up a treat!

I’m getting old or something!! Two of my nieces just had babies. So technically this makes me their great Aunty. 😂😍 To be fair I’m their Aunty through marriage but they still call me “Aunty Treens” 😝 I had a delicious morning smooching these little faces. Their Mummas are right in the thick of it, you know, feeding, changing, rocking… So sweet. I was clucky for 5 mins but then I snapped back to reality.🙊 

Got some new pendant lights. The final look is over on my Instagram.

Natives that last for weeks and weeks.

I had a voucher for a massage and a facial. Heavenly!

Always sitting in the car at footy training. But a sunset like this one made it bearable.

I pruned all my roses back and tidied up some winter weeds. Should have worn gloves. Nah, who cares!

My baby. Well not really that little anymore! He’s off to high school next year.

I had a helper. We go through so much food during the school holidays!

Same person. They are identical in the way they do everything. Best mates ♥

Me, in the freezing taking our club team photos.

I did a really exciting thing during the week and went to the tip. Why was that exciting you wonder? Because I can’t stand rubbish, or excess stuff! We did a little reno on our laundry a few weeks ago (more coming on that soon) and we had so many boxes and crap. I also cleaned out our garage and loaded up the ute and off I went with my eldest kid. It feels so good to get rid of the STUFF.

I have ditched all my perfume. WHY? Because I feel the nasty chemicals were affecting my moods, headaches, irritability and I always felt thirsty (weird, but I am sure chemicals contributed). Perfume sits on your throat (thyroid area) and you’re absorbing it ALL day in to your skin. So, instead I’ve gone natural. I truly, seriously believe natural smells are HELPING with everything. Since using essentials oils I can honestly say I feel excellent.

Last night I held my first essentials oils and crystals workshop. I got to share all of the things I love. It was so fun. I am doing another one next week. You can check/join all of my events HERE.

This was when we were in the thick of the mini laundry reno. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a sneaky look at the finished space.

If you got this far reading my blog post today thank you! I know it was very long… It’s my birthday tomorrow! I can’t even believe the last year has flown by so quickly. So much has happened too. I was very very sick this time last year and can’t even begin to explain how great I feel one year on. I will say that turning 40 has been a life changing year for me. So much to be thankful for.

♥ KC.


  • Trish

    Katrina I reckon I can tell you are feeling sooo much better. You are smashing it – at home and on the job!! Well done you! Happy Birthday!

  • Emma

    This is my life! my youngest has spent most of the holidays wrapped in a blanket on a device & we’re about half way through driving hours with our middle one, there’s always something on with someone. But I love school holidays – no lunches or uniforms to worry about x

  • marisa

    i love reading your life updates! those stones are beautiful btw! x

    marisa summer in march

  • Victoria Murphy-Casey

    Katrina you look fabulous,yes you were so thin BUT you were so ill.Healthy is beautiful,isn’t it..You certainly lead a very busy life which looks like a lot of fun.A fabulous post🌸🌸🌸

  • Meagan

    Fantastic catch up!! Love reading whats going on, you have such a positive energy 🙂

  • Ellen

    Love your house!
    Could you tell me please what brand/type are your double hung windows?
    Also, if you had to choose an exterior colour for your weatherboard, would you still choose shale grey?
    Thank you

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