Around here lately

G’day! How has your week been? I’ve been doing some social media work for a couple of companies, plus interior design consults and writing on my blog this week. It’s been filled with lost of different daily activities and I’ve enjoyed the challenges. Mixing it all up has been good for me. I like to be busy and I like to have lots on my plate. Beats boredom and sitting still. There’s too many things I want to do!

Here’s a photo dump and a quick catch up on what’s been happening around here lately…

I wish I had his life. Seriously! He is the KING that’s for sure.

When you’ve been around the block long enough to know that rep team selections aren’t always based on the trial game, but you go anyway (in the rain). The little kid played his heart out too! Next time buddy cos you sure did play good on the night! 🙂

Always mid rude finger! Geez… Haha. I’m minus 2 family members this weekend as they headed off camping. It’s raining too!! Ouch. Hope they don’t come home too soon… haha. The peace and quiet is niiiiiiiice.

All bloody day… I wore my jacket inside out! I was even at the shops too!! My husband noticed it at 7pm. Far out. Gotta laugh though!

The oils have still got me. I’m making blends and using them daily. I have seen a big shift in moods and energy around here. Here’s how you buy them if you’re after some too.

LOVE my gas fire. Yeah it’s cheating and I know it’s not real wood, but how about no mess 😉 It’s double sided so plenty of room for everyone to stand in front of.

Another weekly meal shop. Check out my meal planning here if you missed it. I share my ideas and how much I spend each week.

He’s annoying, but I love this big kid. We’re almost half way through the L-plates and he’s doing really well. This means he’ll be on his P’s before I know it. Wowsers!

I made a worm farm with the little kid.

I had an apprentice for the day. He did a “fake” sick. Or I call it a “mental health day”. He just needed a day with his Mum, a few treats at the supermarket and all was well in the world again. He did help me all day too so that was handy.

New bathroom accessories. THANKYOU has new packaging so I was keen to style it all up.

He’s growing so well! I am in love with this Monstera. I need another I think because they look so good with their big leaves.

Part of my jungle! You can never have too many plants I say.

Looks at this baby! This is my niece Jewel. She loves me can’t you tell!

When someone hands the 16 year old a baby and says “can you hold her for a second?” LOL! I can stop laughing every time I look at this photo…

Each to their own I say, but I had the best arvo last weekend at a crystal healing workshop with a Lightworker. I have never really been in to all this wooooo wooooo witchy stuff, but for the last 12 months for some reason I just can’t get enough of it. The Universe has to be telling me something! So what have I learnt? Well, energy is all around us and tuning in to it has helped me in so so so many ways… health, motivation, opportunity, mood, love, hormones, parenting… I could go on. So this was me, laying on a couch with a crystal just relaxing. I came home full of energy. I’ll be going again soon.

I have lots of new crystals in my SHOP and I got Afterpay this week too! Jump over there if you want to start (or add) to your collection. I promise my crystals come from a good place of energy, not only from my supplier, but from inside my home. I always love and look after them until they are passed on.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead. It’s raining here in Wagga. I’m going to create a little gallery wall at home. I downloaded some prints from Etsy yesterday and got them printed at Officeworks. I’ll show you on my Instagram.

♥ KC.

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