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I’ve been a busy little bee. SOOOO much activity but it’s all good. The last couple of months has been good to me, and I am truly bloody grateful. Lots of opportunities have come my way. Next week I’m starting a social media gig (mostly remote working so it’s awesome!) with RGTC Group. If you’re in Wagga you might know these awesome girls (Regional Pitchfest and 8point8 conference). They support small regional business and help them smash out their goals. Can’t wait.

I’ve also been super busy with in-home interior consults and helping a few people get their homes ready for sale. Every day is different, but my calendar is pretty full so that’s tops!

Here’s my usual photos dump and catch up on what’s been happening around here lately…

Last week the boys and I watched Willy Wonka. They hadn’t seen it. My husband likes to pull out some random one-liners from the movie and the boys never understood. They do now! It’s hilarious when you watch it back as an adult…. Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. Charlie Bucket: What happened? Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.

Then we also watched The Greatest Showman. OMG, I LOVED IT! Yes I am yelling. Watch it if you haven’t. I am going to watch it again because I enjoyed it that much.

I grabbed a couple of cheap pots to paint white. I can never find a decent pot. They are either a narrow shape or have a lip on them, or are too shiny. Fussy I know. The one on the left is from Kmart and was only $12. The one on the right was from Bunnings reduced to $10 because it had scratches. Bargain! I painted them with a flat ceiling white. I am not fussy with paint on pots because they are for inside only. I’ll put some final photos on my Instagram.

I just don’t love doing the washing. It’s just one of those tasks I hate! I will wash and hang out, but I hate the rest. Some of this had been there since Monday. The boys basically just head to the laundry to find clothes these days 😉 I’d rather clean the toilet than fold washing… haha.

I’ve been banging on about these oils for a few weeks now. I’m converted… get me all the oils! The other morning I woke up feeling queasy. Which is not usual. I put up with it for a couple of hours. It wasn’t bad, but still I felt like my day was going to be pretty ordinary. Then I thought hang on I have oils for this! I put the digest-zen on my belly and some peppermint behind my ears. I went about my day and BAM 15 mins or so later I felt good again! Truly, not even making that up. My kids love these oils too. I load them up before they go to school and I’m just waiting for little bottles to arrive so I can make some roller blends for them. Who else is in love with these? Yesterday I convinced my niece she needed some and now she’s waiting on a big order to arrive! If YOU want to buy some (you won’t regret it), you need to buy online. This is how you can do it – I don’t actually make money if I onsell – I might just gather a few points here and there. But I don’t really care. I just wanted to share with you what is working for me!

Sometimes I like to paint on the kitchen bench at dinner time to annoy my family 🙂 I had painted this canvas once before and I was sick of the colours so I painted over it! A cheap and easy way to upgrade your artwork with a DIY. This was haf way through. I’ll add a final photo to my Instagram too.

Still banging on about health and wellness… Cacao is something I’ve added to my morning routine. I just drink it like a coffee. It’s considered a super food because –

  • 40 Times the Antioxidants of Blueberries. Raw Organic Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries.
  • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron.
  • Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain.
  • More Calcium Than Cow’s Milk.
  • A Natural Mood Elevator and Anti-Depressant.

This mascara is all over my Instagram lately. It’s from Kmart and is $8. Everyone said it was awesome, so I had to wait weeks to find it re-stocked in my local. Finally got my hands on it and I will say I think it’s great! Not mind-blowing, but it’s actually lovely and smooth and not gluggy.

A pot of succulents (from my garden) lasts longer than flowers. So this is an easy gift for someone. The pot was $18 from Bunnings.

It’s only a bag… Last week was World IBD Day and this is me now. Different from the last 22 years, but so much better. Never looking back and so grateful. I’ve put on weight, can eat much more and have no sepsis.

Pretty much sums it up…

I do love watching them play! Life with 3 boys means there’s A LOT OF SPORT.

I went to Sydney 2 weeks ago for an event. Yes the propeller was moving. How cool is this still shot I took!

My cute new gold shoes from @kmartaus ♥ My boys said please don’t wear them near us! Haha. I said luckily you don’t even have to concern yourself with them because I was off to Sydney for a fun blog thing. This was BIG for me because it was my first proper day away from familiar settings with my new bag. It meant a change in a public toilet. I wouldn’t say I aced it, but I managed it ok and was fine. It’s all still a learning curve, but I am ready for whatever comes my way!

I spent a few hours at The Grounds of Alexandria. It was so pretty! I loved it. Have you been??

Selfie with Eve from Dot+Pop. She is divine and gorgeous. I think we’re besties now 😉

In the winter my husband makes sausages rolls almost every weekend!

My big kid earnt some money and what did he want to spend it on??? Work clothes and boots. Haha He just so desperately wants to work. He wants a trade and I know he will be sooooo good at it. Anyone wanna give him an apprenticeship?? 😉

Styling up a storm at a client’s house. I told her what to buy and she bought every single thing. I love that! I really want this doona cover from Country Road now. It’s stunning.

Just some garden snaps.

Every Sunday morning you’ll find me waiting for it to open. I am a newly converted meal planner and this has made life so much easier!

Just some snaps from around my house.

He’s too cute.

Markets in Wagga. Love a little bunch of flowers, or a candle or some gourmet food.

I actually did some work haha! Did you see the deck post I wrote?

Today I am putting some frost mats over those agaves and another small hedge. Last year they took a hit, but I saved them and now they are all bigger and I really don’t want to lose them!

Now that’s a bargain. $15 for a bunch. I grabbed one of course 😉

Wagga central houses are so lovely I did a consult in here during the week. Can’t wait to see this reno come to life.

Hope you have a great weekend. ♥ KC.

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