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Hi there! I must get back to my weekly photo dump because after a few weeks away from it I have tonnes of photos to share as usual. I send all my photos to the cloud from my phone otherwise I’d run out of storage. But there are now thousands of photos in that cloud and if you’re like me sometimes you take 8 photos of practically the same thing! If I had time I’d go and delete stacks of them, but who does? So there they stay… thousands and thousands of photos 🙂 Haha…

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening around here lately…

Check out the size of this fiddle leaf fig!! It was HUGE. It was $400 though, and I’d kill it anyway 🙂

This is my baby brother. He’s 9 years younger than me and I don’t see him enough. He makes me belly laugh so it was good to spend some time with him over Easter.

This is my bestie who is a health nut. She eats super clean and puts me to shame. She was buying activate buckwheat hahaha. Follow her here for all the cool food and fashion stuff she’s in to.

A natural vibe in the bedroom this month.

2 new plant babies.

Where I spend my hours.

A clean kitchen. This was BEFORE the school holidays. Ha.

I went to an oils gathering in the park. I am addicted to them now! I can’t stop buying oils and learning about them. Do you use them??

At home…

Footy is well and truly here. It’s weird that none of my boys are playing rugby league anymore. They’ve all opted for AFL. I am such a league fan and am adjusting to this game!

Morning sun on the crystals…

Wagga is going off in the new housing industry. So many homes being built!

How sunny and lovely has the weather been in Wagga town?!

My husband says these earring look like hearing aids??? 😉

Look at them! Big giants they are.

My plant jungle in this corner. They love the morning sun and grow so well here.

When you ask your L-plater to drive up in to the hills so you can forage.

Foliage in situ.

I had my 6 week check up in Sydney for my stoma. All was ok, but needed a quick trip to day surgery the next day. I found it so hard to come out of the anesthetic this time round. I couldn’t wake up and was sick for a whole day! I am getting too old for this crap. NO more hospitals Katrina.

Sleepover hangover…

And second kid with a sleepover hangover. School holidays!

He’s my best helper. Mostly he is annoyed by me, but sometimes he comes good and likes to help 😉

Where are we going Bear??

It was a nice day for a quick visit to the Wagga Beach (aka the Murrumbidgee River).

My roses have been awesome this year with this gorgeous warm weather!

Over my back fence…

I went to a High Vibes talk last week. I am enjoying all of this stuff so much at the moment. Read some thoughts I wrote here.

Shopping at Kmart can never just be for one thing!

He’s still my baby even though he had a birthday during the week and turned 4!

He’s getting too big. Slow down Chevy Chambers! He is my actual baby but will be in high school next year! Woah.

Oh a Mum Selfie! With my $5 sunnies form Kmart which my husband laughed and laughed at hahahaha. He thinks they are dress-up glasses and for parties only. So looks like I’m going to a party every day from now on because I freaking love them 😉

Good vibes in the entry. It’s all about the Feng Shui. Read more about that here.

So…. there you have it! That’s what’s been happening around here lately. But if you want to keep up with more then head to my Instagram and make sure you check out my stories.

♥ KC.


  • Anonymous

    Ah, and she’s back! Love your photo dumps and what you’ve been up to. You always inspire me to get stuff done, thank you! I’ve discovered the oils too, I want them all! Now! Just love them x

  • Anonymous

    I too love you photo dumps! And am an oils junkie! I love all the books that go with them, with recipes for diy products and education. There are some really amazing resources out there and they are now a main display in my kitchen.

    • Anonymous

      Sarah where do you get your resources or books from??

    • Anonymous

      Rebecca Hendricks places like oillife, aromatools, the emotions and inspired little pot books we bought direct from the authors, but we buy in bulk for a group at a time. We usually put the call out and then get a carton. It’s a little cheaper and it’s a nice feeling knowing you can support education and empowerment in your team, where they probably wouldn’t have purchased for themselves alone beforehand.

  • Anonymous

    I love the mum selfies and how your kids tell you not to post on IG lols kids always keep you grounded, i’m loving all your post and good vibes!

  • Sarah

    Love your around here lately posts Katrina! So good to see you looking so happy and healthy.

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