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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. Last time I did a catch up was about 2 weeks ago and I’d not long had my surgery. I thought I’d pop in and catch you up on how I’m going one month on with my new colostomy bag and share some photos from around here lately…

The word I would use to describe how I’ve been feeling the past couple of weeks is “liberated“. I can’t really express enough how good I have been feeling. I would say I’ve gained a good 3-4 hours in my day now since not having to spend time on the loo, worrying about it and searching for one. I think it’s actually hilarious that now I can be walking around and doing my business without pausing! Haha. Honestly, why didn’t I do this years ago??

I’ve been managing the bag pretty well. And I’ve been eating whatever I like. Actually I cannot stop eating. I am ravenous all the time. That’s good though because it’s been a while since I felt like that! I’ve been out for lunches with my friends lots and enjoying the freedom.

Here’s a photo dump…

The weather has been perfect! Although we did have one snap of a cold day during the week and I was whinging already. I do not like winter!

When your Mum comes and cleans your house. Why can’t she live closer??!!

I can’t get enough salad in to me. I am always thinking about my next meal.

I’ve been buying a couple of little treats to freshen up my house. Like this cowhide cushion from Spotlight which was 30% off! If you want to see how we made this barn door click here.

My new saying.

I made some succulent pots for my friends. Of course I had to make one for myself too. The pot was from Bunnings.

Kmart you win again with your $29 mirror!

I gave my outdoor pots a bit of love on the weekend. They were looking scabby and needed some fresh succulents and soil.

You can’t go wrong with a black wall!

Here’s a shipping container house going up in Wagga. I’m keen to follow this project and see how it turns out. You can follow the owner’s journey too via Instagram.

He’s always got it tough.

This was a good day. I usually get up at 5am. I wasn’t as diligent when I was really sick, but the past fortnight I’ve been busting to get up, write on my blog and set up any tasks I may have for the day. On this day I’d also done 2 interior design consults (if you’re in Wagga check out my services here), made meatballs, cleaned the house, done the washing and just aced it. 😉

This is over my back fence. Autumn sees the most spectacular sunrises.

Here’s my boy and his pride and joy. They are in the process of fully restoring this car. I have no idea really what they are doing, but they know and love it! It keeps them busy. Apparently “it will look sick when it’s done Mum.”

Bunnings have some really good pots lately. Some new styles and good prices. Now is a good time of the year to freshen everything up in your garden ready for the winter.

Why are potting mix bags so annoying??

Is there anything better than a good feed of prawns? I actually grew up eating yabbies so I am a master at peeling them. No one will ever beat me in a race to peel a prawn/yabby. People have tried, but I have too much skill 😉 Ha.

My sister-in-law always brings me treats. I will eat any chocolate with mint in it. How good are these??

Cricket is done (what about the Australian team scandal?? It’s all we’ve been talking about!) and now we move on to footy.

Pumping out some hours with my L-plater. He’s a pretty good driver I will say (but don’t tell him that yet haha). He is also very good with the mechanics on a car and we had to stop during some night driving to fix the lights.

This person above has done my head in this week. He has the man flu and I cannot deal with it. You know all the symptoms?? So much snorting and sniffling and moaning and whinging. I said when you shit out a hole in your stomach I’ll let you whinge but until then you need a teaspoon of cement. Seriously!! 🙂

I’ve even been poking around in my favourite junk shops. There is something I really want in this shop but it’s too expensive. But it’s been on my mind. I don’t think it would hurt if I went back there and asked for a better price??

So many amazing crystals are in my shop. I have some more coming today hopefully.

Did you see the post on my new shelves in my pantry?

My baby had his high school interview yesterday. Whhhaaaattt?? Surely he’s too little!

Easter is here just like that and I am looking forward to it. Only because my boys and hubby are off camping and I get some time alone. I am going to see my Mum and my Nan too. Plus a I’ll have a brand new teenager in the house! I won’t see him for his birthday which is weird, but he’s happy to be camping with his cousins. I’m also heading to the movies with my bestie and then we’re going to an Essentials Oils and Blue Moon Ceremony. Don’t forget it’s a full (blue) moon this Friday night so get your crystals out and charge them up.

Hope you enjoy your Easter break!

♥ KC.

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