The year officially begins in February doesn’t it? I think January is always a write-off… I get nothing substantial achieved until school goes back.

In my last catch up I mentioned I was off to Bathurst for the week with my big boy so he could play cricket. He was staying in my old boarding school house which I thought was serendipitous. The world works in a funny way. Anyway here’s what has been happening around here lately…

Here he is on the right. He’s an opener and I think that’s got to be one of the hardest jobs ever. Hats off to him for lining up to do that job game after game…

My old school! I stalked around like a crazy lady. 

By day 4 of the cricket this was my face. I had lovely friends to hang with but we were ALL doing this face by then hahaha…

My big rig on the left. Yep, he has a mullet hair style. Cut by another child I will say. He was IN LOVE with it. He returned to school last week and was told by 3 different teachers he wasn’t to return to school this week without a haircut. Hahahaha…. I told him all of this over and over again before he even went back to school, but as if I’d know anything. So now he’s sporting a shaved head. It was the only way! You got teenage boys?? You feel my pain??

Of course you can’t go to Bathurst without a lap around Mount Panorama. We couldn’t stop laughing when we first got there because as we started off cars were coming at us, so we turned around in a panic! But soon realised you could actually go in any direction hahaha…

I scored this pot on a selling Facebook site. Still deciding whether to put a big plant in there or a water feature. What do you think?? Hmmmmmm….

Please Summer don’t end. I love balmy nights.

Just some photos from around my house. I’m always shuffling and shifting things.

I had to put my 18 year old girl to a couple of weeks ago. I was so sad. She just couldn’t keep going. I miss her so much. Bear hardly ate for about 2 weeks but I think he’s a bit better now.

I got this in the mail from our Vet this week and there were some tears! How thoughtful and special is this?!

This was my poor Dad. Skin cancers everywhere. My family has a big history of these nasty things. I will report he’s making a full recovery and has aced all the stitches and bandages without any hiccups. But PLEASE, put sunscreen on. MAKE your kids slip, slop, slap. Now is more important that ever.

Of course I couldn’t go a couple of months without a hospital visit. Getting a bit over it. But when the nurses see me and see my file they now just ask me what I need and I can get things happening quickly and I can usually come home the next day. I’m off to Sydney Monday for a pre-appointment for my upcoming surgery. Can’t wait for the next 6 weeks to be OVER!

Tex started high school! Leaving behind his little bestie Chev for one more year in primary school.

Oh and look at this face!!! My Mum also had to put her best friend down a few months ago and she was ready for a new little mate. This is Bo. He is adorable! He came from Wagga and we babysat him for a night before delivering to my Mum the next day. He’s been keeping my Mum and Dad VERY busy haha.

I wasn’t overly well so I watched the entire Super Bowl. All 4 hours of it (even though they play 12 minute quarters). Very confusing game. But I love JT so that was a treat.

That’s that is for the past few weeks. Back in to routine, I’m trying to stay well and I have heaps of work to get done in the next few weeks. Bring it on. ♥ KC.