Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today… I looked back at my last Around Here Lately post and is was a while back! Since then I have about 3000 photos on my phone haha (which I am not going to bore you with!). So here’s a small snippet…

My middle boy has finished primary school and is now off to high school this year.

My little kid (on the right) and his cousin. They are in year 6 this year so I’ll have another one heading to high school next year. That feels weird saying that!

Out came the Bissell Spot Clean (I bought from Harvey Norman). Best thing I’ve ever bought. Cleans up the couches and any carpet spots so easy! Just a public service announcement in case you are thinking of buying one.

We had Christmas Day at our house with cousins and grandparents.

My gang above.

Then we got up at 4am and headed to Melbourne for the Boxing Day Test. We stayed on for 3 days. It was HOT! Kids loved it though. Lucky I like cricket too because it can be veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy long!

Boys went camping for a few days and left me on my own. It was heavenly.

Then we headed for Orange for another 5 days of cricket. I only lasted 3 days and came home with 2 kids (left husband who was coach and playing child there). Never again will I take all 5 of us to a cricket carnival and all stay in the smallest motel room. This was ok to do a few years ago, but they are all getting too big and too mouthy for us to be on top of each other haha…

This was yesterday. It was 40 degrees and no one wanted to do a thing.

He’s turning 16 next month. He’s much bigger and louder than me and makes me do things I do want to do (like buy degreaser!). Haha.

I read this book twice in 24 hours. This was SO good, and helpful. It was also reassuring to see that my husband and I have some good things on track, but there was also room for improvement. I have been busily changing stuff around in the last week and have some good plans in place for 2018. Have you read it?

Just some snaps from my Instagram. Follow me over there if you like to see more.

He’s always doing something! One sock… random too.

Had a beautiful morning at Sweet Briar Bed & Breakfast in Coolamon just before Christmas. If you’re ever down this way and need somewhere lovely to stay you must check it out!

Oh, and there we are. Lovers… ha…

Hope the January days have been good to so far. It’s raining here today. I am ok with that! It’s been so hot.

Tomorrow I am off to Bathurst for the week with my eldest boy. Yes for cricket again… but I am leaving the rest of the family behind. Now here’s a weird story… I went to school at All Saints College in Bathurst and guess where my boy is staying for the week?? AT All Saints! (I’m staying elsewhere) I can’t even believe it really. He’ll be up in the dorm rooms and I’ll be stalking around the school where I can reminiscing. The world works in a funny way doesn’t it??

♥ KC.


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