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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. Don’t be fooled by this clean kitchen. I was clean for 2 days because my kids all went away camping so of course I snapped away enjoyed a bit of calmness! Here’s just a really quick bullet point Around Here Lately blog post…

♥ We made it through the 2 weeks of school hols. I always like the Sept/Oct ones because the weather is better and everyone’s mood is bearable!

♥ We’ve spent most days heading to the cricket nets. While my boys do play a lot of footy in the winter, they play twice as much cricket in the summer. They seem to love it more. My hubby is nuts for it too, so it’s a real family thing (yep, and I love it too). However, cricket is THE most expensive sport ever. That’s an entire blog post on its own but I won’t bore you with that haha.

♥ We had cousins stay with us on and off most of the holidays which was fun.

♥ Today is my last day working at a display home. That’s been fun the last 18 months, but now it’s time for new things.

♥ I’m heading to Sydney next week for a couple of days for a sleepover in the hospital to have some more tests and make some decisions on my long-suffering Crohn’s. I am distressed about it, but I will be ok. Just let’s get it over and done with.

♥ My big boy is 15 and a half and we’ve been having some ‘adult’ conversations lately. It’s been weird. I found myself at one point talking about all the B&S’s I went to back in my day. Oh how I wish I was 18 again! The reminiscing was fun.

♥ I’ve been obsessed with watering my lawn and garden. We’ve had no rain here and I’ve made it my job to bring this yard back to life. Usually it’s been my husband’s job but he’s been so busy at work. I have also enjoyed the school holidays because I’ve had some little helpers around.

♥ I’ve been really trying hard to bring my Instagram back to life. It went dead there for a while with all the changes going on. I have found it increasingly hard to get anywhere and it felt like a big waste of time. But I have been joining some lovely ladies over there to all support and help each other along so we can bring our accounts back to life. How have you been finding Instagram?

♥ I am still so in love my with DIY barn door. Did you see that one? I think that would have been my favourite project ever.

Have a great weekend ♥ KC.


  • Deanna Mawson

    I really enjoy reading your blogs and your floor plan Friday. Thank you.

  • Tracey Simpson

    I seem to be having the same issues as you. Except I have a husband with colitis. He’s having ups and downs at the moment. I also have a 15.5 year old with a girlfriend!! Yikes l’m feeling very old at the moment..Hubby and I have a few talks with him as well recently

  • CLP

    Me too, all the best with the tests xx

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