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Howdy! How are you all? I was chatting with a friend last weekend and I asked her what she had on for the week ahead and we both said it looked like a quiet week… Then I saw her Thursday night and she said you know how I said my week would be quiet? Well I was wrong! I was like yeah me too… I think we must have jinxed ourselves. I haven’t had much of a chance to blog this past week. You know, life gets me sometimes!

My husband has taken 2 kids camping for the weekend and last night I was so tired I was snoring by 8.30pm! As soon as they left at 3pm I went about cleaning my house like a crazy lady. I call it “display home cleaning“. It’s the BIG clean you do. Now I am up and ready for a new day (in a clean house!). How good is Saturday looking!?
image2 image3 image6

We’ve been busy with that bleeping pool yard. It came to stand still because there are never enough hours in the day and my husband has been working every weekend because he’s a printer and the State election has him working crazy hours. Sometimes he gets phone calls at 11pm about artwork! They even send blokes on a plane to Wagga to hire a truck and drive jobs back to Sydney. Busy times, but good. He’s taking a mini-break and has gone camping with his mates this weekend. I saw a few cartons of beer in the back of the ute, so I am sure he will be enjoying himself 😉


This was last Sunday – having a nice arvo with our friends.


Then Monday came and I had to catch up on Real Housewives of Melbourne. Are you watching it? Let’s talk about Gamble? And Wolfi? Strange ones! And Janet’s nose is going to disappear soon. She’ll need a transplant! Speaking of tv shows, are you watching Empire? Now that’s a good show.

image7 IMG_2838

Bear is always in my face. I cannot do a thing without him. He’s a pain in the bum. Lucky he’s cute. There is no such thing as personal space.


We had an athletics carnival. Here’s my little kid doing long jump. He did really well actually!


My big boy got a special cricket trophy this week. Best all rounder with a batting average of 75 for the season. Top work Cruise!IMG_2795

The shelves in my office finally got finished. I am going to stack them with interior design books. Right, I’d better keep my eye out for some new purchases! Ha.

How’s your week been? What’s on for your weekend? The weather is just divine here at the moment.

Happy Saturday everyone. ♥ KC.


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