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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by this week. Today we start school holidays and these are the holidays I don’t usually mind. The weather is pretty good and we seem to enjoy them a little more. Although, they will eat me out of house and home, that’s the only part I hate… all the food!!! Last week my usual grocery shop did just not last. We went through everything so quickly and we were scrounging around those last few days. This morning I headed out early and loaded the fridge and pantry back up. Well it is school holidays so I need double of everything haha! I think my boys also must be going through a huge growth spurt because we can’t keep up with the food!

So what else has been happening around here lately…

I flew to Sydney a few weeks ago (and even caught the train like a big city slicker!!) to see my new specialist. I wasn’t there very long, and he didn’t have much to offer me other than what I already knew. I have been really trying to keep well over the last month. I am ok for now so I will roll with that. I am heading back to Sydney in about 2 weeks for a sleepover, an MRI, a scope and a chat about planning for a colostomy bag. I am ok with that, but nervous and I feel like the timing is never going to be right for it, so I am best to just get going with it all. Maybe before Christmas. We’ll see…

Then I came back from Sydney feeling a little flat and my niece chopped my hair off. I still love it. Lifted my spirits! I might even go a touch shorter again in a few weeks.

Cricket season is upon us! With 3 boys, a husband as a coach and many many teams between them all, I have no choice but to love cricket. And I do. I actually love it much better than footy. The biggest kid is still wearing a sling for his broken collarbone, but still manages to throw a ball to his brother. Hopefully he’ll be right in a couple of weeks. We have another scan this coming week.

We had footy presentation. They are so gorgeous. I can say that because I am their Mum!!

These 2 always have a job to do, or something to fix. The big kid will never sit down, or watch tv or play a computer game. That’s not a bad thing, but this is why sometimes I hate school holidays because he cannot settle down!

My Dad and my hubby.

I had thought briefly in my mind I would like a pendant for over my new dining table. I wasn’t specifically looking, but came across this heavily reduced one so I couldn’t say no! It’s much bigger than it looks and it’s really transformed the space.

Plants, plant and more plants.

I smudged the house last week. I had been reading about the benefits of ridding the home of negative energy leading in to the spring weather. I got right in to the corners, the mirrors and even smudged the kids. Haha. Yep, there was a WHOLE lot of eye rolling!

Next mini DIY/reno job is my laundry. The black chalkboard wall will go. I think I’ll put some Easy Craft Panels there. Then I need to work out some sort of overhead cupboards/shelf/hanging space. To the right is a walk-in-storage cupboard. I am lucky because my laundry is HUGE, but I never had the $$ at the time we built to fully kit it out. This might be a Christmas holiday project.

Speaking of projects this one is almost done. Husband will finish today he said! I’ll blog through this process soon for you.

OK, so Bear and I had a moment yesterday. Well, he was booked to get groomed and wasn’t happy. Went to bite the groomer savagely TWICE. And fair enough the groomer said no to trimming him. 4 years and Bear is getting worse with it. SO, after all of the drama yesterday he now his booked to be sedated at the vet’s next week to get a full groom. He is already so matted and hot that he needs that winter coat off. I have bought clippers before and tried myself but that too didn’t go down well. He didn’t try to bite me when doing it, just didn’t cooperate and I was hopeless at it. So it looks like I’ll be giving him to the vet 2-3 times a year now….

Oh, and please come and buy my crystals. I have lots arriving every week. I am SOOOOO in love with them. I have little pockets all around my home with trays and plates of little special treasures. I carry some in my handbag and I am such a believer of their good energy. That’s what it’s all about – seeing them and feeling good. Each one has meanings written in the listings.

Hope you have a great week ahead. KC. x


  • Sarah

    I love your positive attitude Katrina, you really are inspirational!

    • Katrina (author)

      Awww that’s so lovely, thank you. X

  • Narelle Cooper

    I had a giggle reading this, I smudge my house too and get a eye roll and ” omg what is she doing…

  • Siobhan Johns

    Oh, my! A colostomy bag is such a huge deal, but, you’ve gotta do, what you’ve gotta do to keep well! Hopefully the crystals and smudging will help! As for naughty Bear, I have a matching naughty Amber! Thank goodness we don’t clip border collies, however, due to her, ahem, unpleasant nature towards needles etc, and the person giving them, and treatment at the vet requires sedation, which also requires a muzzle, which I am yet to master… damn dogs! Lucky they’re so cute

  • Kylee

    Oh I hear you on the food – 13 & 14 year old boys here. I don’t think they ever stop eating.
    Sorry to hear that it’s come to a colostomy bag, but I love your attitude towards it all – your positivity is always evident in your posts.

  • Charice Walsh

    Good luck with your health decisions, sounds like it will make life easier.
    BTW I just realised your fridge is in the pantry. Would you recommend this or do you miss it not being in the kitchen? Also do you wish the dishwasher was in the pantry?

    • Katrina Chambers

      Thanks love. Love the fridge where it is and no dishwasher works better out under the sink

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