Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I looked through my phone and thought wow I have a lot of photos this week! Things have been pretty chaotic around here… I keep waking up super dooper early this week. I feel like I am running on adrenaline. I know I have taken on too much lately, so I am sorting that out this coming week and pulling back. Somehow I have myself inserted in 3 sporting club groups and most days I have something I need to do for all 3. That’s too much for me. With my health lately I need to focus on that! And for the first time ever I told my boys NO for a summer sporting team (league tag). I never say no. I let them do everything, but this summer we’re just doing cricket and nothing else. Today I have to help coordinate a presentation day for rugby league. That will take up most of my Sunday. So that’s why I need to just pull back for a while. Do you get like that? Just suddenly realise you have to change the direction? Or just realise you need more time for other things??

Anyhoo…. I have plenty of pretty pictures from around here lately. Come and see…

Did you see my new DIY outdoor table. Check that out if you haven’t. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can get out there more.

I discovered my boy put a light bar in his room on his bed head… hahaha. He has his own design flare by the look of this! Hmmm…. 😉

Beautiful flowers from a lovely friend…

So I’ve been sick. No shit. Actually, I’ve been sick for about 18 months and I cannot get on top of it. Anyway, I hadn’t washed my hair here for about 5 days and had barely been out of bed. It wasn’t pretty.

But I pulled myself together and washed my hair! Andrew hates a photo. He usually hides, but I got one!

My babies… Cruise, Tex and Chevy.

It was freezing. I was foul.

….And to top it off, my boy received a foul tackle in AFL. He now has a broken collarbone with a possible 3 months recovery. It’s a break up high where that red line is (we also discovered a suss old fracture along the bone further that we aren’t sure about – we think he did that last year but we had it scanned back then and it showed nothing at the time hmmmm). Poor kid. Misses the end of the footy season, hasn’t been to school in a week and his cricket selections are hanging there. I have hated seeing him getting around feeling awful.

But his brother has been his number one supporter. Tex would do anything for Cruise. He loves him. I snuck this photo… shhhhh haha.

I headed to Melbourne for a quick trip to see Spotlight’s new Christmas range coming soon. It was sunny and lovely!

I had a few hours to spare so I surprised the kids and headed to their favourite store Culture Kings for a new hat or t-shirt each.

And then I accidentally got in Cooper Cronk’s way and had to say sorry. Then I went WAIT!!! We are massive Storm supporters in our house. The boys were jealous!

I looked my my brows in that photo above when I sent it to the kids and thought I need to sort them out! Hahaha. The brow bar is a real treat for me because we don’t have that in Wagga!

Still crystal mad. I bought more, then sold them all again in 24 hours! This week I am expecting a BIG delivery, so I will have lots more. Keep your eyes out if you want any.

I am a lolly freak. I shouldn’t be. I know that, but I it’s my weakness.

Did you also see the other table I made up? The indoor one? It’s here if you missed it.

My number 2 child did his confirmation on Friday night. This is Tex and and Chevy with their Poppy. Love this photo.

My big boy and his mate (plus the Dad’s) had a trip organised to watch a footy game in Melbourne and when Cruise broke his collarbone we thought that would be off. But he’d been sitting around for a whole week and was feeling sorry for himself, so my husband pumped him with voltaren and off they went. I am glad they did because they had a great night away. Look at his face though, wincing to turn around (sad face). He needs a bloody haircut haha!

Anyway guys, thanks for reading along (if you’re still here!). Happy Sunday. I need to get moving to head off to the footy presentation day.

♥ KC.