Around here lately

Let’s start with a photo of warmer days at my house… Just because I am craving it! Oh boy I don’t do well in winter. I am a real weather whinger aren’t I? But I do better when I am not shivering most of the day. And I love roses, so I am keen to have them back at my house! Currently they have been pruned right back so they just look like stumps. Oh and my lawn is brown and DEAD. Not long now until winter is over and my mood will change haha…

These are my fave jeans. I love them so much. They are getting worse and worse with the rips over the years but I still wear them no matter what!

This girl here… She’s my bestie. Friends for 15 years. She pulls me back in to line when needed. Love her GUTS.

I’m always fiddling, change and fluffing up this space.

Giving these indoor plants a little bit of extra sunlight. They do ok in spaces without huge amounts of direct light, but every now and then I give them a good dose of morning sun.

Layering it up with a few different colours and tones.

He’s my big baby 😉

Seeeeeee…… look at this weather!

And don’t be fooled by this photo below. It wasn’t warm. It was 8 degrees at 3pm.

Do you use your bath?? We don’t! No one has a bath here hardly ever. It wasn’t on my building list to have a fancy bath. What about that round bath on The Block?? Wow, what a stunner, but a waste in my eyes!

I’m still buying and selling crystals. Have you got your stash yet?? I have some online to sell. Lots out of this batch have already gone, but I get new ones every couple of weeks.

I am in love with the green/purple Fluorite Obelisk on the left. Grab that before it goes! Otherwise I may sneak that one for myself 😉 It cleans and stabilises aura. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. Draws negative energies and stress from around you. Purifies and cleans on all levels. This stone overcomes chaos and brings calmness. Helps you to learn and increase concentration. Healing – Powerful healer, good for teeth, cells, bones, repairs DNA, relieves pain, Shingles and nerve related pain. EDIT: It SOLD. How about the Clear one? Check that out via my site too.

Grab this Orange Calcite below before it goes too! It is a very active crystal, cleaning and clearing the environment it is in. Removes stagnant energy. Combats laziness and gives encouragement to move on. Good for clearing the mind and unblocking old thoughts. A study stone, held or placed on your desk when wanting to remember. Healing – Cleans organs, encourages calcium intake, fortifies immune system and skeletal structure.

A few stones on my bedside table… The Amethyst for sleep & healing powers, the Rose for love & calming and the Amazonite for absorbing stress caused from phones & computers (ie. work!).

Finally I received my legs for 2 new tables. Both are a live edge slab of timber. One is for inside and one outside. Just need to find chairs for the inside ones. I’ve searched the whole of Australia and I don’t really like anything (well within my budget that is ?). Stay tuned because I have a blog post coming on these and some proper finished photos.

My home office is making me happy with its new fresh makeover.

He is a crack up. He seriously sleeps like this.

A macrame hanging straight from Bali! My lovely friend brought this back for me last week. In LOVE.

And even though I look like I sit around all day shuffling pillows, I do spend the majority of my time at a sporting event. Ha!

My husband has been dying from ManFlu this week. Save me. Here’s what I shared on Instagram yesterday about that. Ha. Today I am pleased to let you know he made it through the night and has returned to work.

Hope you’re having a good week. I’m off to Sydney this Friday to see a new specialist (I wrote about that drama here). Fingers crossed that one goes well. I’ll keep you posted. ♥ KC.


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