Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I haven’t done my usual photo dump and catch up lately, so here’s what’s been lurking on my phone…

I wanted a new shelf in my office (blog post to come on that makeover) and found the perfect piece at a local hardware shop. This is Norm’s work space – how neat is it?!

There’s a bit of the shelf.

I’ve also been sanding back that darn table I’ve been working on. It’s for outside, but the drama has been filling some holes. It takes time! Blog post will eventually come on that one too.

How’d I get so lucky?! Charming boys 😉 The dad’s were in charge this weekend haha. But loving themselves sick of course.

Yep, we have a man child in the house. 10cm taller than me now.

My little 2. But not so little really. I just put them in the same category because they should be twins – they are inseparable.

Magnificent! Have you ever seen a more wonderful sunrise?! I’m up with the sun very single day. Rain, hail or shine. Even on Sundays.

My husband is obsessed with slow cooker meals. I am not complaining! he makes one every single Sunday in the Winter. It makes coming home from a day at the footy even better. We sit at footy with our friend swapping recipes (oh yes, we’re a riveting bunch).

The crystal game is STRONG in this house. I have bought quite a few lately and will be selling some from next week when I get a chance to photograph them so keep your eye out.

Mid-office reno. See, they don’t leave each other for a second.

I’m at my besties house just chillin’.

Adairs you have the BEST sales! This grey Villa doona cover (not pillowcases though – I went back and bought them later) scanned at $68 for me! YES! Then the side tables I’ve wanted forever went on sale big time so thank you AfterPay.

Office shelfie. Love this space now!

He is an absolute joy. Cracks me up every day.

Just us early on Sunday morning! My husband has suddenly decided he loves Aldi and wants to come with me… but he always has to make a Dad joke to the checkout person when we’re unloading and say something like “here we go, start your engines!” WOW.

My favourite view from my spot on the couch.

There was also a baby in the house this week! He won’t be the only baby for much longer though as my sister is pregnant again with number 4!!! She’s 20 weeks. Crazy lady I say hahahaha.

I’ve been busy with my usual new houses gig. Love seeing them come together!

Anyone else head to Aldi yesterday at 8.30am to get the salt & pepper grinders for $10?!

Hope you’re having a great week. ♥ KC.

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