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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. Hmmm now where am I up to… Oh yes, this is what happened straight after my last Around Here Lately post…

I can’t catch a trick with this. I can crash and burn in a matter of 2 days. I finished styling that Unit in Wagga, then headed home to clean my own house. My big boy played a game of night football later that day which I went to watch. I was freezing beyond control and when I got home. I had a hot shower, popped a hot water bottle in my bed and tried to sleep. I couldn’t get rid of the chill and by lunch time the next day I knew I also had a temperature. Just like that I was back in a hospital bed with a temp of 38.7 waiting for the surgical team to fix me up again. The next day I was very emotional. I knew I couldn’t keep going on because that’s the 7th anaesthetic I’ve had in about 14 months. I’ll write about it all another day, but what came out of that visit was me changing my doctor and seeking out another opinion in Canberra…

My husband took me over to Canberra a few days later. I am currently waiting to hear about a new drug Ustekinumab (which only 10 people in Australia are currently on). I am not sure I qualify and I need to get it on a trial because it’s not on the PBS. My new doctor is helping me exhaust all options before I head for that dreaded colostomy bag. I’m not frightened about having one, but I am happy to give anything a go. I’ll keep you posted! I’ve felt ok this past week, but from my previous episodes I’ll probably only last a few weeks and be sick again. What a merry-go-round!

In between my Mum duties I’ve been catching up on some couch time with these 2 doggies. My husband and I had a rather lengthy conversation about my old dog. She’s 17 and really just hanging in there. I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I know it’s near.

I am a bit proud of myself this week… I finally decided to get my decent camera out and teach myself how to take a photo in manual. I am always so jealous of people who take amazing interior photos and I decided it was high time to I learnt something new. They aren’t perfect, but I am managing to get some lighter, brighter photos and that makes me happy!

There has been so much school footy at the moment. We’re swinging between AFL and League. Every second day I am at something. Then the weekends are full again! I get out of the Saturday sport because I head to a display home to hang out in, but my poor husband gets that job on his own. The majority of the time the games are out of town, so he’s travelling for the full day!

This is my next styling job. I’ve driven past this house lots and today I got to peek inside. I’m helping the new owner style it up 😀 They have big plans with the landscaping and I can’t wait to see it evolve over time.

My new kantha quilt from Priya at Peacocks & Paisleys. I just love it! My husband said who has been jumping on the bed? I said it’s supposed to look like that. He was like oh silly me, I forgot about the “messy/neat combo” Haha.

I need more Agave’s in my life. This was a pup given to me from a friend. I put it in my garden and it grew huge, so I dug it up again and put it in a vase. I am always shopping my own garden.

I’m doing a mini home office makeover in the next 2 weeks. I ordered a shaftless skylight, we’re adding some shelves and I am freshening up the paint. Keep your eye out for that! I am excited.

Happy weekend everyone. KC.


  • Alicia Boland

    Can I ask what the medicine is Katrina ? I’ve just started xeljanz for my UC hope u feel better soon

    • Alicia Boland

      That’s a new one there’s not many I haven’t heard or tried lol is it an infusion like vedioluzimab and infliximab ?

    • Anna Streat

      Really hope that you can get into the trial of the new medication and that it works for you. You are one strong lady – very inspiring.

  • Donna

    You are an amazing woman.

    PS Hope your insides start to behave with a new Doc.

    • Katrina (author)

      Aww thank you. X

  • Melissa Boswell-Happ

    I just went to a beginners photography course today for the same reason, want to be able to take brighter clearer better photos. Are you doing YouTube tutes or camera manual or winging it?

    • Katrina Chambers

      I did read a bunch of stuff online then I just started to wing it!

  • Kim Jenkins

    Take Care Katrina- I hope your new Dr has some new ideas x

  • michelle behringer

    Hey lovely I literally have hundreds of agaves . Not even joking some are over a meter wide if you are ever in the wollongong area let me know and I’ll give you some.

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh I am jealous! I would love some if I head that way. Thank you. X

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