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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. Here’s my usual photo dump and catch up of what’s been happening around here lately…

Let’s start with sport. That’s different… HaHa! Well it’s usually what fills my phone with photos! We’ve come to the end of cricket season and my boys did pretty well. Presentation Days are done and this big kid below played a LOT of cricket this year. There were times he hated my guts, was lazy and needed a kick up the bum. BUT the lesson he learnt (and he told me he was glad I gave him a nudge!) is that commitment and persistence pays off. Here he is below receiving junior club person of the year. He even had to say a speech! He thanked his Dad for throwing 1000s of balls at him every week haha.

My 3 little pains in the backside (just kidding!).

I am going to have to build another shelf aren’t I??

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with Indian Healing Clay. You can buy from ebay. Excellent stuff this is. I am loving it!

Oh. What is THIS? Not joking you, this is how I found them after being at work for a few hours. Their explanation – “how else do we test a motor?” Seriously, this is my life surrounded my MALES!

I picked up some monstera leaves. I bought them off a Facebook site locally. The photo did not show them looking this BIG! Ha. I only ended up using 2. 😉

My father-in-law is a gem. I mentioned that my roses weren’t so great and just like that he fixed them up. He said I’d let them grow too tall and we had to start again. I was happy for someone else to take charge. There’s just not enough hours in the week sometimes.

I received a new shutter for my ensuite window. Come back later this week to read a post on how easy it was to DIY this. My husband and I put it up in about 20 minutes.

I had a quick rearrange and tidy up… This was the tall fiddle leaf fig which died and I chopped back to a stump. It grew again!

I was a little tired last week. I am having an iron infusion on Friday so I know WHY I am tired. I did a bit of couch time when I could…

My agaves had a pup. These were all pups given to me by a friend and they are really taking off around my pool.

I did a blogging talk during the week in Wagga. LOVE chatting about all things blogging.

I cracked up laughing when I saw this come up. YES animal print is my staple and I will wear it all year round.

Hope you have a great week ahead. Today I am off to look at a client’s unit to help furnish and style, then I’m having a facial. Can’t wait.

♥ KC.


  • Jane

    Hi Katrina,
    I love reading your dump posts!
    I noticed your floorboards in the photos – what kind are they? I love the colour – so hard to choose from a sample!

  • Donna

    Absolutely love the look of naughty joy on hubby’s face with the boat in the pool. Heart warming.

  • Hayley Herriott

    Glad you took a picture of your trophies and medals, so hard to work out how to store.

  • Suella Hill

    Hi Katrina love your black feature wall it looks amazing. I Also loved your piece on the skin lasering and microdermabrasion treatments been thinking of having this done myself your skin looked so fresh and clear obviously it works well I am coming up to the big 50 soon need all the help I can get ?

  • Kristy Chambers

    Omg that’s the most I’ve ever seen Andrew look exactly like Craig!!!

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