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Around here lately

Hi there! Just a quick catch up today. Ooooo I’ve had a lot of stuff on lately. It’s been a busy month, but I am not complaining. I think you’re always only given what you can handle right? I’ve had a heap of work and consulting to do. Plus this bloggy stuff. I had to send an SOS to my friend Fleur to help me recently, so she has been a life saver. And I haven’t felt sick the last few weeks… gotta run with the good stuff while you can hey? Usually when I have heaps of stuff on I tend to go downhill afterย a while and I said to my husband I keep waiting for “the crash”. But he agrees and you can’t live your life always thinking you won’t take stuff on because you might end up unwell? You just have to keep going! Anyway, that was a little ramble wasn’t it? Ha!

Here are some snaps from my week…

I headed out to a little town called Ganmain. It’s about 40 minutes drive from Wagga. A lovely lady called Mel owns this store called Fisher & Farmer. She sent me a message asking if I’d come and give her advice on a new kitchen she’s putting in her home. We spent an hour chatting about moving walls, putting an island in, walls of cupboards, new windows and a butler’s pantry. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. BUT on my way home I had to stop at her little shop and buy a few treats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wagga cricket presentation night sees 2 of my boys get the All Rounder awards. Wowwweeee. Fancy both of them getting top points? They worked pretty hard this year. And their Dad had a lot to do with that! Today and tomorrow is Grand Final day for my big boy, so I’m already feeling nervous! My husband is coach and he’s like a fly in a bottle at the moment haha.

Home office spam. I need more light in here. I really really want a skylight. One day!

I headed to Melbourne earlier in the week to shop with Hannah and Nathan who won a $20,000 room makeover thanks to Aussie. I was their helper withย spending the money. They are moving in to a new home this coming week so they had a blank canvas to work with. I am heading back there in 2 weeks to finish styling the space, so I will have lots of photos to share!

We shopped ALL day. Was fun! Here’s a coffee break and a quick budget check.

The Autumn light in my home is the best. We’ve been here 4 years next week. That time has gone fast!

And just like that, cricket ends and footy starts… That’s what you get when you have 3 sports mad kids!

Have a great weekend. โ™ฅ KC.