Around here lately

February raced by in our house. I didn’t seem to take a lot of photos like I usually do. I was very busy working, choosing kitchens and bathrooms, and running around after my kids! Once the boys finally went back to school I chased my tail for weeks trying to catch up. No sooner have I dropped them at school it’s time to pick them up! Cricket is busy for us at this time of the year with all the finals rolling around. My husband coaches so he’s looking forward to it ending too. Only a couple of weeks to go and then footy will be here. I thought the boys might drop one code (they play both League and AFL) but last night I heard them comment they’ll still be doing both! Oh well, keeps them busy I suppose. I like it when they have no time to be sitting around whinging and fighting.

Here are a few photos from my phone lately…

Pretty much every second day I have been choosing colours with people. I love it. I also started offering private consultations in Wagga and already I have been busy flittering around town throwing out my opinions.

I visited this home during the week. It was lovely and had a gorgeous Tuscan feel. The owners have done some renovations and needed a hand pulling some of the furniture together.

The MOST exiting thing? I finally purchased my double sided fireplace to go under my tv in the family room. It should be here in a week or two and then the installation will happen. Just in time for Winter!

My big boy Cruise had a birthday. 15!! Here is a photo of my boys and their cousins out for dinner. Black shoes are in. 😉 My husband is an identical twin and there are 6 boys between them. We are lucky!

I headed back to Swan Hill to film the reveal of a kitchen I have been working on. Karlie won a $30,000 renovation thanks to Energy Australia and I came with the prize 😉 There will be a video soon so I can show you the full before and after.

On my way to Swan Hill I called past my Nan and Pop’s home in Urana. My Pop passed away and my Nan now lives in Albury but she still owns this little house. My Mum grew up here. I spent every single school holiday and Christmas here (I even spent a few weeks studying for my HSC here). So many memories. It’s looking a little tired, but gee I love this home.

And while I was away this little legend hit 44 runs in his rep grand final. Love him! I told him I might not come to any more games if he’s going to play like that haha.

When you’re busy, do you seem to make yourself even busier for some reason?? It’s like I have to keep going like crazy when I am on an adrenaline high. I culled my pantry at 5pm the other day. When I should be relaxing or doing other thing. 5 bags later!! There are a few things I’d love to add and change in here – maybe one day. This room is huge and the probably the most used in our home. School bags usually hang in here too in the middle cupboard on the bottom. I would really like to move that freezer out and continue the bench around – don’t know why I did that in the first place. I remember I was in a rush and just wanted the house finished.

Anyway, what else?? Ummm… oh I’ve been married 17 years today. Isn’t he a lucky man haha!

I’ve got to go back to Melbourne next week for a Beacon Lighting event. Can’t wait for that! I will share that on my blog too.

I also have to hop back in to hospital for a few days in a couple of weeks. Some of my symptoms for Crohn’s have changed. We need another MRI and EUA. I just hate it when I have to head back down there. Just takes me a full week to recover from all of that and ain’t nobody got time for that… argh!

Easter is coming around soon and I am SOOOOOO excited because my husband is taking the boys away and that means QUIET TIME for me. Can’t wait for that.

Today I am off to a meeting, then my display home, then some cricket and I might finally visit my bestie for a few hours.

Have a great weekend. ♥ KC.