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Around here lately

The year starts properly in February doesn’t it??? Well I’m saying that because I have NO idea where the last few weeks have gone. I have hardly been popping in to my blog! I have been sucked in to the lives of my children and cannot come up for air.

I decided to sit down and write some random ramblings of what’s been happening around here lately…

I have kept the fern alive! So far. I popped this photo on my Instagram and got some great advice over there on how to keep ferns (and succulents alive). #fernsarehard.

I have been waiting for some results from my Doctor for 3 weeks and finally I rang and they’d forgotten about me. Yeah that was great! Temporarily all ok, but always ongoing stuff… What drag.

I’m heading back to Swan Hill next weekend to finish filming with Karlie who won the $30,000 kitchen makeover thanks to Energy Australia. You should see what’s been happening at her house over the last few weeks. Love it!

Then I’m off to Melbourne to shop my heart out with Hannah who won the $20,000 room makeover thanks to Aussie. That was a prize Hannah had won (with me as her shopping partner!) earlier last year. How fun!

Cricket is still going strong in our house. Plus we’re already talking footy. That crossover of sports is HECTIC.

I have one child so addicted to the PlayStation. He needs a detox. And he doesn’t know it’s coming. Wish me luck.

How crazy is Married At First Sight this season? I am fascinated. Anthony is bit full on! I don’t get his motivation.

And then what about Planet Earth 2? How cool is that show?

I’m already counting down to Easter (although I don’t want the Summer to end!), but my husband has planned a camping trip with the boys. This means ALONE time. Fist pump.

I had a dream I was building a new house and that my current house was empty and I was unsure as to whether I should pull the wallpaper down for the new owners. Unless we win the lotto that won’t be happening haha. But is was a bloody good dream and now I really want a new house. Maybe it does mean I AM going to win the lotto πŸ˜‰ Ha!

Just a quick catch up today. KC.

February 15, 2017



  1. Rebecca

    February 17, 2017

    Omg that alone time sounds like a dream!!! I have no idea what that is anymore 😩. The song constant cravings seriously just came to mind thinking about it – no joke!!!. Mine are too little for camping trips unfortunately…

  2. Rose

    February 21, 2017

    lovely post!
    I had been wondering the same thing
    about the weeks that has gone by so fast!

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