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Around here lately

Hi there friends! How was your week? Mine was uneventful but very busy. A lot of hours working, driving kids around, cleaning, shopping, washing… you know the drill! My kids never stop. The other day I rang my husband no less than 4 times in the day to coordinate the movements of our children. Sheesh! There’s no ringing to say “hey, how are you??” Ha!

Last Friday we lost our old dog Winnie. She’s almost 17. That did not feel good at all. In the craziness of afternoon sport taxi driving she got out via the garage roller door (she does wander occasionally, but usually we are there with her and just scoot her back in), but we discovered about and an hour and a half later we didn’t know where she was. I had to go back to Friday night cricket with a child so I left my husband and big boy driving around looking for her. My eldest also got on his bike and rode all around our suburb. She couldn’t have gone too far because she’s very old and slow… I put it on all the local Facebook sites and at about 10pm someone messaged to say they saw a lady take an old black dog in to a vets. I couldn’t check that until 8am the next morning so first thing I was there knocking on the door… yep my old girl was safe and sound! I still don’t know who found her but I was soooo happy!!


I broke up with my big fiddle leaf fig for a while. It isn’t looking so good suddenly and it was annoying me in the house. I have banished it to an outside corner to see what happens. I have 2 others inside which are growing beautifully, but this one decided to drop leaves just from one side. I’ll keep an watch on it, but it was a dead-set eyesore sitting in my house!


The sun was warm this week. I needed to bask in it for a while earlier in the week. It really warmed up yesterday and I think the ugg boots can officially be packed away now. I was feeling a little under the weather this particular day. I haven’t been able to each much lately. I can eat in the morning, and at night, but anything I eat during the day makes me feel unwell…. like my heart races and I am freezing. What’s up with that?? I always blame Crohn’s, but this is a little weird.


I started some skin treatments at Laser Clinic Australia. This one was for pigmentation. Next week I have a microdermabrasion treatment. I’ll share a blog post about this soon.



There is so much cricket in my life right now…



My roses are finally here! I’ve been chopping bunches. They bloomed so fast and before I know it I’ll have to chop them all back and start again! They are spilling all over my front verandah.



There’s one of my good fiddle leaf figs. This one has all new growth! It gets about an hour of good morning sun and is in a well-lit area. I am afraid to move it!


Love him. But he hates being outside. Now that the weather is getting better I have been locking him out and this morning I woke to see that he’s shredded a gauze on one of our windows because I locked him out last night. What an idiot!!


See look at him sitting up there. My husband calls this room the big dog kennel. They think they own the space and hate being outside. Spoilt I know.


Oh, and this. 8 bags later! My boys have all jumped up at least 2 sizes. I have 2 kids in men’s sizes and it was time for a huge cull. So I spent a day shuffling clothes between rooms, getting some together for my sister, some to donate and I’ll toss a bit too. I also did my husband’s clothes. Mine will be next! I wear the same 6 things, so it’s time to minimise that too. I did at one stage wonder why I started such a big job, but it all came together and now I am so happy I did it. I then went to Best & Less and restocked the undies and socks for everyone because everything had seen better days.


Last but not least… this is my day job. Clients and new houses. This one is only a few weeks away. Can’t wait to see it finished! The landscaping will bring it all together.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead! I’m off to cricket, then work at my display home, followed by a linen party. What are you up to?

♥ KC.

November 19, 2016



  1. Siobhan elizabeth

    November 19, 2016

    He he! With all those photos, the thing I noticed was the clock on you bedside table! I have the same one. You never see clocks on bedside tables any more! Everyone just seems to use their phone! But it’s so much easier to roll over and see a clock, and not have to untuck yourself from a nice warm bed, to switch on the phone to see the time!!

    • Katrina

      November 19, 2016

      Yes much easier!! I don’t want to look at my phone because then I’ll see messages or notifications and I’d never go back to sleep! X

  2. Leah

    November 21, 2016

    Hi Katrina, your fiddle leaf was missing bright light! Not direct sun, just light. I reckon they do better on verandas out of direct sun, will your banished fiddle leaf get sun around the side of your house? It won’t like that either. It was prob too dark where you had it in your home. Your roses are lovely too. x

  3. Kylee Brodrick

    November 26, 2016

    I also currently have a fiddle leaf sitting outside. It is now just a stick. I give up with plants. They all hate me LOL.

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