Around here lately

Oooo that was such a quick week. I don’t know where it went! The kids went back to school so I was busy catching up. We’ve had a couple of sunny days, but not enough for our usual mid-October! It’s been crazy here in Wagga. Still freezing but today looks to be lovely. I have to pop out to my display home and then watch 4 games of touch football. Ha! No rest around here. But the sun is shining so it’s better to be out and about.

Last weekend I went to a talk by Tiffiny Hall. She was awesome. Such a pretty, bubbly and clever little pocket-rocket. She said some things which struck a chord with me, so I love when that happens. You feel inspired!



I’ve been rotating and talking to my indoor plants. Now is the time they start to grow a bit more!



I tried to do a big clean up of my house after school went back, but it never lasts…


Think he’s trying to tell me something??


I wrote a post about buying shutters and blinds online. Take a look at that if you missed it.

Bear has also been at the vet with allergies. He’s been gnawing his feet constantly and now I have to give him a tablet for 2 weeks. I wrap it in a piece of ham and down it goes!



My roses are about to pop. We’ve had to top soil our front lawn again. Sorry if you walk past and it stinks. OMG the manure in it is foul!! We have the worst lawn ever. It was a bad batch I am sure and every year it gets bugs and weeds and is generally unwell. No matter what we do to prepare it for Winter it just won’t stay healthy. Next step will be to rip it all up and start again (fake grass even!).


You know it’s going to be a good day when the sun rises like this.



I had endless blog dramas this week too. If you had trouble getting on I’m sorry! Fingers crossed it’s fixed. I’ve never had something like that happen before. It was so frustrating and I spent hours/days trying to fix it. Remember I bought the iphone7 and had it for 10 days and then it died? Well then I had to battle through for 2 weeks on a loan phone and now I have my new one back so I had to reset that up again. So in amongst all the technology dramas I decided to paint something. Just because I had to step away before I threw it all out the window! Ha!

Have a great weekend. X