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Hi there! How are things at your house?

Mine is wild at this time of the year. I haven’t been doing anything truly exciting or magic, but I have been running around like crazy.

♥ This time of the year is always busy for us. We’re in footy season finals! My eldest has made the grand final this Sunday for AFL and we’re in to the first semi for Rugby League (we should make the GF for that in 3 weeks). We’ve also started touch season so we’re squeezing that in too until all the winter sports stop (Wagga overlaps these two – crazy!). Today my middle one has a touch gala day for school and I am actually looking forward to it because it’s going to be 18 degrees and I can sit in the sun with my friends and be lazy all day. Can’t wait!

♥ I am sad I didn’t go to the Problogger Conference this year. But I knew when I saw the date I wouldn’t be able to do it. This weekend is a big weekend for our family sport. I went to the conference in 2011 and I think it was in October. That’s a much better time of year for me! 😉 So no Problogger this year. I’ll be watching and reading no doubt. Thousands of bloggers have arrived on the Gold Coast to learn and network…

♥ One day I’ll write a blog post about why I love my kids playing sport. I live for it and it’s so good for a family as a whole. We do it because it’s family time together and we never ever miss a game. I know we’ll look back on these times together when they’re all gone and wish for the days we all spent together out on the fields. For now I am soaking it all up and enjoying every minute.


♥ Have you seen how BIG my baby BEAR has gotten? He’s doubled in size! He’s so beautiful and so much fun. He’s toilet trained now and sits at the back door when he needs to go. Very clever boy. The kids have been teaching him to sit and shake hands. Every morning when I let him out of the laundry he eats my hair and licks my face while half crying – cuteness. It’s like he’s so happy to see me. ♥

♥ My old girl, Winnie (who is 14 and a half), is slow and doesn’t do much. She’s highly irritated by Bear. Haha. He wants to play with her but she’s not one bit interested in him! She’s had an ear infection so I’ve had her at the vets and now I am bathing her ears twice a day. It’s like having babies back in the house! Full on.

♥ One of my gorgeous friends is unwell at the moment and is inspiring me every single day. My thoughts are filled with her and her positive halo is making me want to be a better person.

♥ I also seem to have picked up a bit with the Humira. I’ve stuck with the injections. I was ready to ditch them but decided to keep going and push through. I do feel better. However, I cannot shake the head cold! That may be coincidental, but gee we need the warm weather around here to be able to ditch all the nasty bugs!

♥ I have been very busy with my little business too. I am so grateful I get to do this from home every day. I love making blogs look pretty. I love it when someone recommends me. I never stop learning and I never stop challenging myself. I wouldn’t change a thing.

So, I’d better run. Gotta get the kids up and moving…

Have a great day ♥ KC.


  • Kaye Crewther Goldsbury

    Is it possible he keeps getting more adorable!

  • Joan Tomlin

    What a cute dog!! He is just adorable!

  • Victoria

    An absolute inspiration you are Katrina..My brother also has Crohns,so anything I read from you I pass on.I luv everything you post…..from another mum of three boys and a little dog also called Bear.

  • Sue

    Hopefully your inspiration and positive vibes will rub off on me today Katrina, I cant get motivated! I woke up way too early because I said Id sleep in, and I start work at 3pm, so hoping to get some jobs done…..maybe one more coffee!

  • Susan Blesing

    Hoping the sun shines on your weekend. Thank you for sharing. Big hugs to little boy BEAR. Take Care x

  • Lucy

    Your puppy is gorgeous Katrina! Where did he come from? Cheers, Lucy

  • Tracy Scott

    Does he shed any hair and are spoodles easy to train? He is very cute

  • Katrina Chambers

    He doesn’t shed but he will need grooming because it keeps growing. Yep easy to train!

  • Jen Clark

    I can’t believe he’s toilet trained already. I have a 5 month old beaglier who keeps peeing in the bathroom and hallway even though he knows to go outside and I leave the door open. Any tips cause it’s doing my head in!

  • Michele

    What a gorgeous puppy what breed is he? An oodle of some kind?

  • Jacq Coe

    Miss you all xx

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