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Howdy! I’m still here! I’ve been taking a little siesta from my blog as other cool stuff has taken over, but that’s been nice for a change. I’m going to start working in another job (out of the house) starting in the next few weeks and I am so pumped. I’ve been looking for a change and something else to do for a while now. But I didn’t know what I wanted. I’m going to start working with a builder and his clients (house plans, colours etc), so if you’re in Wagga and want to build a new house, then please see meeeee!!!

I am still going to be blogging – that won’t change! I still love this little space and the people who visit me every day. But I am looking forward to adding another challenge. Whilst the busyness will step up around here, I’m ready to give it a go. People have said “oh how will you do that, you get sick, and you blog, and the kids..?” My response is I have no idea how it will all go, but all I know is that I am looking forward to the change and can’t wait.

My boys are getting bigger. My eldest is 14 and it’s time for me to snip those apron strings and get him to be more responsible. My baby will be 10 this year, so before long I’ll have a bunch of teenagers in this house.

Anyhoo, over the past week I’ve been flitting around the place. A trip to Sydney and then on to Melbourne. I can’t wait for the Easter break to catch up a bit.

Here are some photos from around here lately…


Fake plants have come a loooomg way haven’t they?? I bought the rubber plant above from Adairs over the weekend. I had a fiddle leaf fig in this spot, but it’s too dark in this corner and I thought the fiddle was sad, but a fake plant here fixes all of that!


When I see cheap indoor plants I always grab them. I’d rather shop at Bunnings than any other store haha!


Hair foil selfie…


There’s no personal space and he just rules everything.


I can’t even get in to my own bed at night! He was spread out like this and even when I kicked him he barely moved haha. He does sleep in the garage, but he likes a little nap here first.


Oh my, footy has started already! This was a carnival and it was 38 degrees that day. OMG, talk about HOT.


My beautiful kid smashed the cricket this year. Scored the All Rounder for Wagga District in under 12s (but technically he’s only under 11s!). He actually ended up with the highest points out of every age group including the seniors. He loves his cricket! (I’m bragging)



They’ve been catching the bus home! They haven’t done it before, but now that I’m starting a new job, I need them to get themselves home. I will meet them at home every day, but now I won’t be under the pump to do that darn school pickup.


The pallet coffee table is still one of my favourite DIY’s ever.


I wrote about kids living in an online world – what do you think about it all?


I headed to Sydney to see Madonna with 4 friends and my sister.



Amie loves shopping more than me. I wait for her doing stupid things. She likes to look at EVERYTHING. I like to be in and out!


Every time we stay together in a hotel, she goes over the bed sheets.


Divine store!! I was happy to walk around in this one for a while.






Madonna was totally worth the wait. She was sooooo good! The ticket said she’d be out at 9pm, but we got an email later in the day to expect 10pm start (and she started at 10.02pm!). Probably one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while. She performed and danced for more than 2 and a half hours. Bloody amazing.


The girls. Amie is 30 weeks pregnant and I’ve just been in and out of hospital so we were the sober boring ones 😉


Look at what happens though when we get in to the homewares!


I spruced up my bedroom with some new linen from Adairs.


I make double of everything these days! Because I have been away a bit I’ve had to cook in bulk…


Then I turned around and headed to Melbourne to see my proper doctor. I’ll head back in a month for a sleepover and a check up, but I am feeling pretty good actually.

♥ KC.


  • KC too

    Good luck, enjoy your new job! I need to design our new home, and work for a cabinetmaker…..but picking colours for myself is sooooo much harder!

  • Eileen

    I wish you lived closer to me. I sooo need advice with style and colours for our reno.

  • Kylee

    Best wishes for the new job. You house is look fabulous – as always.
    Can I ask what the meal is that you pictured? It looks like something that all 3 of my kids will actually eat (which is a miracle).

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Kylee, it’s one I throw together! Mince, tomato stuff, vegies and pasta. They love it!

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks! XX

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