Around here lately…

Hi! I’ve been a bit quieter than usual over here on my bloggy. That’s not like me! But that’s the way life goes sometimes isn’t it? I’ve been working on some new cool projects and one of those includes shopping/dressing/styling an entirely empty and brand new display home. Can’t wait to share all of that with you. It’s so exciting!

Here are some pictures from around here lately….


It’s been SO hot here this week. 40 degrees! We are all melting and uncomfortable.


I’ve been pushing out the work from in here…


He ate the ping pong ball. BUSTED.


He rules the house. He was snoring and slept in this exact position for an hour.


Does this one above look familiar to you if you have boys? Yep. All day, eeeevery day here. I snuck this photo!


Over my back fence gets the best sunrise!


Tex’s room got a new doona cover. It was $25 from Target and I LOVE it.


These are what I gathered from in my garage, the car and the cricket bags… OMG.


Speaking of cricket – this is my little kid. He wasn’t meant to play that day, but they were short and he was as quick as a flash to borrow some gear (he even found his old bat in the car). School uniform and all!

This is how I drive around for days on end… ???? This is reality in Summer because they play most days. Sometimes I even get to the supermarket, open my boot and start to swear because then I have to pile the food in the back seat. I’ve told a child I’ll pay him tomorrow to clean my car! It’s filthy!


Netflix has got me hooked. Prison Break is my new fav. I can’t stop watching. And I am sooooo tired every day! Haha.


I call Bear “the toddler”.


This child turned 14 on Monday! Love him!! He cleans for me whenever I ask him.


He’s in Go Pro heaven here for this birthday. He’s been making movies in the swimming pool. The other night it was so hot that I decided to have a swim myself, but the Go Pro was banned whilst Mummy was swimming haha! I don’t need that to end up on social media somewhere 😉


Just a couple of kids…


The fiddles get a drink.


I’ve been playing with some new prints on the wall.


The morning sun is the best!

My big kid is getting a new wall mural so can’t wait to share that with you!

Hope all is good your way. I’m off to shop for furniture today. How awful! 😉 But first I need to go back to bed because it’s 4am and I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to get up for a bit. I’ll be paying for it later I know!

Have a good one ♥ KC.


  • Helen Corboy

    Hi Katrina , love your blog ! l was wondering where your console table is from in the above picture. Cheers Helen .

  • Wendy Brewer

    Love reading your catch ups and seeing what bear has been up to (we have a cavoodle the same age). Just wanted to ask, how do your boys like having plants in their bedrooms ? I would hate it haha .

  • Jenny Langmaid

    Great pics Katrina – its great to see real photos of real life – I can so relate to the full boot and Ive only got one girl!! Love Texs room and his world map mural!! Ive got Ruby the Airdedale who would lie along side your boy in the same position – hilarious isn’t it!?!! I also love the prints of the palm trees etc where are they from ?? Just doing my daughters room (15 year old) and looking for something between her bedroom and bathroom- Jen

  • June Cooper

    Having recently moved from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to Cootamundra, I’m having great difficulty finding beautiful homewares and furniture stores like I’m used to. As my new home is much larger, I’m in need of such things and cannot find anything of interest locally. Are you able to refer anywhere please?

  • Joanne

    Can’t wait to see what you do with a blank canvas (aka empty house) – this would be the greatest – shopping without spending your own money!
    Love the new prints – reminds me that I haven’t shared our decision of prints for our lounge room. Will get on to that! Happy Friday!

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