Around here lately


Hello there! Settled back in to routine yet? Or are you still lucky enough to be on holidays? I was a big procrastinator last week but I seem to have pulled myself back to reality this week. It’s so hot here at the moment (we’re talking 42 degrees today!) that the only thing we can do is sit inside. This has given me some time to catch up on emails and read blogs. Plus my husband and I have done 18 episodes of the first season of Nashville in about 4 days! Haha. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I wanted to stick with (and my husband wasn’t keen on the predictive country songs), but it’s got me now! Have you watched it?

My boys have been pretty good locked up inside these past few days, but I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for them to explode! There’s only so many days of watching tv before they start to kill each other. It’s cooling down tomorrow so I hope we get through today unscathed. 😉




I am finally starting to like my outdoor area. It’s been the biggest project since we moved here. It was a bare yard with nothing. After putting the pool in, then came all the landscaping etc. I’ve been drawing up a little outdoor kitchen area to go under that tv, so fingers crossed that happens soon.


The biggest succulents you have ever seen are growing in my garden! Here is one of them. I love it!


My kids cannot swim without killing each other. I am sure my neighbours think please don’t let you kids swim today Katrina. They CANNOT BE NICE IN THERE EVER. Boys!


My favourite spot to sit and chat on the phone, or scroll through instagram (until my kids find me!)…


My new fav thing is this timber/carbon/copper clock from Purely Wall Clocks. Check them out. So many cool pieces!


I manged to make some shelves for one of my kids’ bedrooms.


While this kitchen looks clean, it wasn’t clean for very long. The FOOD is outta control here at the moment. I am trying to keep on top of everything otherwise I’ll go crazy living in constant mess. Ha!


Kmart has got me again with the cement tray, candle and geometric thingy.


I haven’t been able to drink much alcohol lately because it makes me sick in the guts, but I switched to vodka/lime/soda for a bit and I wasn’t feeling so sick, so I enjoyed a couple of cool drinks over the weekend with my bestie.


The sheets dried in about 20 minutes yesterday. Summer is good for that.


Bear and I have been out walking.


Happy hump day. Hope you have a good one. ♥ KC.


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