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How are you going during this busy and festive season?? I seem to have neglected my Christmas shopping and am only getting around to it today! I usually have this flippant attitude when it hits December and I’m all like “why the rush, so many weeks to go!”, and then BAM I wake up and 5.30am and think OMG I have about 4 days left! Haha.

Well, you know, it’s been busy with the kids and my blog. I’ve had so many little videos to make, and lots of deadlines these last few months (which is fab!), but now I need to pull my finger out and get Christmas sorted. The kids are still even playing sport today so they take up most of my time! My little kid has his Touch Football Grand Final today (and it will be 40 degrees!!). But I am about to hit the shops soon and knock the shopping over. I am armed with a list and I won’t waste any time. Power on.

We’re heading away for Christmas and New Year and I am so pumped for the break in routine. My Mum will come and house sit and look after the two pooches. So because I am not seeing her for Christmas, we’re heading off to Albury tomorrow to catch up. It’s also my sister’s birthday and her daughter’s, so it’s a fun day doing all of that tomorrow.

I also managed to get out of putting up all of our Christmas decorations because we’re going away. The tree is up and that’s it. I’m not sad about that – I’m a Grinch when it comes to festive decorating 😉 But I love making stuff for people so next week I have a couple of tutorials coming up on the blog with easy little things you can whip up for friends and family if you have time.



How much do you love Summer though? My kids haven’t got out of the pool and the Big Bash cricket is the best on tv most nights. We huddle around being super lazy with no uniforms to wash or lunches to sort out. I don’t care what the kids eat, or what time they go to bed (as long as it’s not midnight!).

Once I bowl this shopping over I am going to spend a couple of days cleaning and sorting stuff here at home so when I return from holidays I am relaxed and feeling excited about the New Year.

How is you Christmas preparation going? Are you having it at your house?

♥ KC.


  • Cheryl

    Hi Katrina, where did you get that lovely rug under the bassa coffee table? Love the Big Bash!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Cheryl, it’s from Freedom 🙂

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