Around here lately…

Howdy! Here’s my latest phone dump of photos…

What’s been happening around here lately…

I’ve been sick this week with crohn’s. Argh. I have been going along so well too. It came over me on Sunday. I thought I was just tired and had been doing too much, but it doesn’t seem to be easing up. I do not have time for a few weeks of sickness! Stupid thing. I’m about to have my bloods done and call the doc. Onwards we go…


This is the reality of my house after I go food shopping. I put all the cold away and then leave it for aaaggggeeesss until I am forced to put it all away.


I stole some agaves from a friend. I cannot wait for these to spread!


The roses are in full bloom…



I’ve been picking bunches of roses and putting them in every jar I can find.


You are not going to believe what this is… I had a huge fiddle leaf fig which died. Well I thought it had died. I got the cranks with it and chopped it off. Like right pack, like pruned it. I threw it around the side of the house and yesterday I noticed 5 new buds on the stem. Woah! She’s coming back! I even rang my husband and work to share my excitement… ha!


Could he get any closer?? Actually could he get any cuter? We were all sitting out on the back lounge and he couldn’t sit on his own – he had to tuck himself up under my arm.


The kids have been night swimming with friends.


My new fav pant. The happy boho whatever they are called pant from Kmart. Stocked up. $15 peeps!


Home made sausage rolls. Delish!


I will eat a whole packet of these. Cannot stop. They are 100s and 1000s biscuits from Aldi.


Cricket season has hit. Knocking in the bats was doing my head in!!!!

My new favourite products for the bedtime routine. I have THE driest skin from all my medication and I’m often hydrated.


Sweetness I need to bottle.


My new canvas from United Artworks MADE my week. LOVE it. I’ve settled on this spot for now. It’s huge!

How are you this week? What’s news?

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♥ KC.


  • T

    I just love your Blog so much, Katrina!

    I didn’t know you suffer from Crohn’s … you poor thing 🙁 I have something called Diverticulitis which is such a nightmare to keep in check … just the smallest amount of stress can set it off and when it gets bad I have to go to hospital 🙁

    Your house looks gorgeous … and your garden. Our roses are coming through thick and fast – we have one type which is a yellow and orange hybrid, which is looking to be a star performer so far. The hydrangeas hopefully won’t be too far off. We bought some 30cm tall raspberry plants from Mitre 10 about a month ago and they’re already well over 1 metre tall – amazing.

    Those pants were such a bargain! I bought some really slouchy pants from Ezibuy on sale for $20 … they’re plain (dark blue) with elasticated bottoms and really wide in the legs – best.pants.ever.!

    I don’t do Facebook (Farcebook!), so hopefully you see this message 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks so much for your message. Yes, I have received it :). I don’t know much about diverticulitis, but I hope you’re doing ok too! X

  • T

    PS: Katrina, did you see on Domain (I think it was) that you and your sister were on the list of couples profiled from The Block? It was a rating of who has historically scored the highest points for rooms.

    • Katrina (author)

      No I didn’t know, going to look now!

  • Sarah Matulewicz

    Hey Katrina – I have THE DRYEST skin too – even just washing my face with a wash cloth makes it bleed! Sometimes smiling too! I cannot wear any powder makeup at all without it looking cakey.
    Anyway, I have using argan oil at night – I started off with good squeeze of the dropper, underneath my moisturiser. It’s working pretty well, (apart from the jaw line breakout while my skin relishes in excess moisture!) However the product that has really turned my skina round has been the Chantecaille Vital Essence Serum – I’ve been using it twice a day and it is the BEST things I ever! It’s a bit expensive but it’s revolutionary. If you can get to a Mecca Cosmetica, ask for a sample. It will be worth it!

    • Katrina (author)

      Thanks for the tip – I will check it out for sure!

  • Christine Taylor

    Gosh your puppy is the cutest! Love the pic of your son and the puppy looking on 🙂 cute!! (your son has grown!!)…and if only I could get my kitchen to look as neat as yours when I dump my groceries in it! I leave my fruit and veg and pack it away last. As we have fresh juice daily – I prefer to wash everything first and the put it in the fridge so it is ready to go….but I usually look at it for a couple of days on the bench first until it starts to almost wilt and shrivel lol

  • Diane Burns

    Sorry to hear about your Crohn’s flare up! My friend has it, it’s so debilitating, hope you’re feeling much better soon! x great pics by the way ?

  • Sally

    Get well soon! Kick that chron’s in the butt!
    Those boys in the pool at this time of year in Wagga Wagga!!! It must be heated? lol.
    Love your house – beautiful x

    • Katrina (author)

      Haha yes not warm enough for me!!

  • Ashlea @ Glamour Coastal Living

    So excited to see your gorgeous roses in full bloom! I have jasmine which is wrapped around my fence palings by the pool and it has just gone berserk, so I have been sticking clippings in jars throughout the home. It is such an amazing smell to walk into once the house has been closed up! Your new art looks stunning, perfect spot for it. x

    • Katrina (author)

      Love this time of the year!

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