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Hello, how are you? School holidays are in full swing here. The house is pumping as usual! On Thursday I was having the worst day ever. I was so foul I even text my friend saying “I am so foul today I could almost shave my head.” She said now that’s drastic and a really bad level of foulness. Nothing really had happened, everyone was going along ok, but I was just in a mood. I could not shake it. The fog across my eyebrows would not lift all day. I was on and off the lounge with a blanket, I could grunt a few words and that was about my effort for the day. Lucky my kids had things to do that day because I was no fun. I am feeling a bit better, but we have have those days don’t we? I am blaming Mercury retrograde. Hurry up and finish please because I need a change of pace, or something!

Anyhoo, here are some snaps from my phone. You know I am always snapping away!



I changed these dining chairs yesterday. I am doing a review for Fantastic Furniture so if you saw my Instagram you’ll see I was shopping there this week. I love the new ones I chose! The black ones above have gone outside around my table. I’ll share the pictures on Instagram later today.





As usual, the puppy is the boss around here. Smothering everyone with lots of love. He’s just the best. Can’t you tell I am in love with him? Ha!


A jade plant. It’s a lucky plant isn’t it? It was $14 from Woolies supermarket.


My kids are ping pong crazy in the school holidays. I am always in a play-off with them. I never win though! I need more practice.


I gave the copper vase thingy from Kmart a spray paint. Black suits it much better in my bathroom.


The sunrise every day this week has been awesome.




I’ve been gardening a little bit. I have a garden tucked around the side of my house where I’ve been spreading out some succulents. Cruise and I attacked it this week and moved them around and created more space for them to grow. It’s getting huge! We’ve also had a deck built around our pool area. It’s going to make a huge difference to our yard. I just need some outdoor furniture on it and I’ll share some more pictures. Can’t wait for summer now.



The kids have been fishing down at the lake almost every day this week. Well, the big kids and his mates/cousins have been. They are at such a good age to keep themselves amused. At least they aren’t roaming the streets or playing xbox. I think today they said they’d be in the kayaks having another fish. They’ve been catching them too!

Hope you have a nice weekend. We’re having a bit of a cleanup here today since there have been workers here all week building the deck. Time to take a few things to the tip.

♥ KC.


  • Twinkle

    Awwww sorry to hear you had one of ‘those’ days Katrina! You can rest assured knowing we all have them … when I feel a bit like that my go-to is to find a ‘Real Housewives’ show or a good Nancy Meyers film … something to get lost in and forget about the world.

    Your pup is so cute! He looks soooo nice and cuddly <3 We have Labradors – so much fun!

    Yes, your Jade plant is very lucky (but would be even more so at your front door [we have potted lime trees at our front door which are also auspicious]). I love your copper planter.

    That ampersand – or is it a figure 8? – with the light bulbs is very clever – did you make that?

    • Katrina (author)

      I am moving my jade planet today! Thanks for the tip 😉

  • Debbie

    Wouldn’t recommend the head shaving, I’m a couple of weeks post chemo and bald as a badger! It takes a lot of time and energy to come up with new and interesting ways to disguise the baldness, so chin up and drop the razor 🙂

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